10 Ways To Get Creases Out Of Dr. Marten Boots

Get Creases Out Of Dr. Marten Boots

The best ways to get creases out of Dr. Marten’s boots are to clean the old polish with a damp cloth, use a brush to remove the remaining dirt or old polish, apply shoe polish or wax, and shine the boot with a brush.

We all know that the crease site on your boot is ugly, and it is necessary to get creases out of Dr Martens’s boots. Read on for details on how to get creases out of Dr. Martens’s boots.

Ways To Get Creases Out Of Dr Martens Boots

Here are some of the best ways to get creases out of Dr. Martens’s boots:

  1. Wipe the boots with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust
  2. Use a brush to brush away any dirt or dust on the boots.
  3. Apply some shoe polish on the creases to help them come out easily without damaging the leather of your Dr. Martens boots.
  4. Use some cotton pads and water to remove the excess shoe polish.
  5. Use leather oil
  6. Use alcohol
  7. Clothes iron
  8. Blow dryer
  9. Shoe trees
  10. Use a spray starch and iron.

Dr. Martens boots are the shoe you can wear with a dress and a t-shirt or a suit and tie. They are versatile, tough, and have a look that commands attention.

However, one problem with Dr. Martens boots is that despite their durability, they can still get creased, and the crease site is always ugly, but there are ways to fix them so you can wear them again.

1. Clean Them With A Damp Cloth

If you find your boots look a little worse for wear after wearing them, try cleaning them with a damp cloth. This will help remove any dirt and grime that is stuck to the leather.

First, insert some old newspapers in your boot to stretch it to its normal position. Then insert a clean, soft cloth or towel in water. Squeeze water out of the cloth and use it to clean the surfaces where there are creases gently.

2. Use Brush

If you find your boots dull after wearing them, try rubbing them with an old toothbrush. This will help remove dirt and grime from the leather.

First, insert some old newspapers or a shoe tree in your shoe to stretch it to its normal state. Then, take a toothbrush you do not use to brush your teeth and put some toothpaste on it.

Use it to brush the areas where there are creases. Put some water on the brush and use it to brush the area again. Then wipe clean with a clean and dry cloth.

If you are having trouble getting rid of creases, try applying some denture cream directly to them with a toothbrush, then brush your shoes with a dry toothbrush until they are clean again!

3. Apply Shoe Polish Or Wax

You can use shoe polish or wax to restore the shine to your boots. Simply apply a small amount of polish or wax to a clean cloth and rub it into the boot. Once dry, buff away any excess polish or wax with another clean cloth.

4. Use Some Cotton Pads And Water To Remove The Excess Shoe Polish

A lot of people struggle with getting creases off their shoes. One of the best ways to remove creases is to remove excess shoe polish using cotton pads and water. You can continue to use these pads and water until the creases are completely removed.

5. Leather oil or Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam

Leather oils are effective when it comes to removing shoe creases. The good thing is that leather oil is safer since it does not require heat or water. But you cannot just use any oil on your dr Martens shoe.

The best thing is to test the oil before you apply it to your doc Martens shoe. Obenauf’s Leather Oil is recommended. This leather oil is excellent and safe for your Doc Martens shoes. It will restore your shoe to normal.

Once you have tested the oil and it is perfect, you can apply it to the shoe. Remember to insert a shoe tree or some old newspapers in your shoe before polishing it with oil.

You can also use Dr. Marten’ wonder balsam to remove creases from your Doc Marten shoes. This balsam is formulated to condition, nourish and protect doc Martens shoes,

This wonder balsam is specifically made for dr Martens shoes so, you do not need to worry about anything when you are using it on your Doc Martens shoes.

6. Use Alcohol

You may wonder if alcohol can remove creases from your dr Martens shoes. Well, it does. But the alcohol you can use for this purpose is rubbing alcohol. You need to follow these steps to remove creases effectively with this method.

In this case, you need rubbing alcohol, a boot stretcher, leather conditioner, and water. Get a spray bottle and fill it up to half with water. Fill the remaining half of the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and shake.

Spray the mixture on the creases you have on your shoe and massage gently. The next thing to do is leave the shoe to dry and insert your shoe stretcher to stretch it to your desired level. You can start wearing your shoe again!

7. Clothes iron

Whether it is a new or old crease or wrinkle, a clothes iron is a great way to remove them. However, you need to follow instructions strictly. You need first to insert some old newspaper in the shoe to make the shoe acquire its normal shape.

Soak a washcloth in water and squeeze the water out of it. Place the washcloth over the area where there are creases, then let your iron heat be at the cotton level or 80 0F. Start ironing the washcloth over the creased areas slowly.

The steam generated from the washcloth will help you remove the creases. If the cloth gets dried, soak it in the water again, squeeze it out, and place it back over the crease area. Iron it until the creases are removed.

Remember not to let the iron stay over an area for more than a second to avoid damaging your shoe. Iron it round gently until the creases are removed.

Get Creases Out Of Dr. Marten Boots
Get Creases Out Of Dr. Marten Boots

8. Blow Dryer

This method has to do with heat; if you are not confident enough to use it, you might want to choose one of the other ways to get creases out of Dr Martens’s boots.

Insert a shoe stretcher in your boot to stretch the creased area and apply leather oil to the shoe. Massage the oil gently and then use heat from the dryer on it. Make sure to keep the distance of the dryer from the shoe to 5 to 6 inches to avoid damaging your shoe.

Apply leather oil again and massage gently. Take a soft cloth to remove excess leather oil from the shoe. Apply leather conditioning and let the boot dry in the air for about five to ten hours.

Run your shoe with a clean, soft cloth to shine it.

9. Shoe Trees

 Show tree is one of the best ways to get creases out of Dr Marten’s boots. Before creases appear on your boots, always insert a shoe tree when you are not wearing the boot. This method will help you prevent creases from grazing your boot.

Using a cedar shoe tree will help keep your boot fresh and free of moisture.

10. Use A Spray of Starch And Iron

Stuff your boot with old newspaper and heat your iron by setting it to medium. Soak a clean cloth in water and squeeze the water out of it. Wrap the damp cloth around the creased area and keep the iron moving over it circularly.

The iron should not rest in one place to avoid damaging your boot. The iron should not rest in a place for more than two seconds. Then spray a lint-free cloth with the starch spray and use it to wipe the boot to stiffen it.
What Are The Causes of Dr. Martens Boot Creases?

Doc Martens boots have been around for many years satisfying customers. This is why they are considered one of the best shoes to wear in all weather conditions.

People from different parts of the world have worn the boots. These boots are made from quality leather, which makes them durable and long-lasting. But why do the boots crease?

Here are the reasons why your dr Martens boots crease:

1. You Bought A Wrong Size

One of the reasons why Dr Martens boots crease is that you are wearing oversized boots. If you bought an oversize boot, the boot would start creasing after a few uses. Wearing the wrong size shoe can result in creases all over your boot.

If you have ordered a pair of shoes online, and they do not fit, chances are that they will not fit and will crease when worn. Make sure to order the right size by checking the size chart first.

2. Excessive Use Without Proper Maintenance

Excessive use of the boots can cause your boot to crease. If you are one of the people who wear boots for long periods of time or people who do not take care of their shoes, your boots will start creasing.

When you wear your Dr Martens Boots for an extended period, or when you wear them every day, they will start to crease because of the heavy use. The easiest way to fix this problem is to clean them after use and insert a shoe tree.

Get Creases Out Of Dr. Marten Boots
Get Creases Out Of Dr. Marten Boots

3. You Do Not Keep Your Boot In good condition.

Another reason why Dr Martens Boots crack is if you do not keep your shoes in good condition. When your shoes are not kept in good condition, they will crease quickly due to a lack of care and maintenance.

The best way to prevent this is by cleaning your shoes regularly with warm water and soap, then drying them off with a towel and letting them air dry before wearing them again.

4. Leather Boots Crease Naturally

The reason why Dr. Martens’s boots crease is because they are made of leather. Leather is a natural material; as such, it can stretch and bend, resulting in the boots looking bent at the front.

This is normal; however, if your shoes crease more than usual, this may indicate a manufacturing defect.

5. Improper Storing Of Boots

If you fail to store your boot properly, the boot will start creasing. For instance, if you fail to insert a shoe tree to keep its shape after wearing it or insert newspapers to keep the shape, the boot can start creasing. To prevent this, make sure to store your boot properly.

6. One Layer Of Leather

If the model of doc Martens boot you bought is made with one layer of leather, it is bound to crease quickly, especially if you wear it often.

How To Prevent Dr Martens Boots From Creasing?

If you are looking for a way to keep your Dr. Martens boots looking good, there are several ways to prevent them from creasing up over time. Here is how to prevent dr Martens’s boots from creasing:

  1. Wear a pair of socks with your boots. If you wear too big or too small socks, they can bunch up inside your boots and cause creases.
  2. Ensure the boots are dry at home and not directly on the floor or carpet surface.
  3. Remove your boots before you lay down in bed at night. This prevents your feet from getting sweaty and dirty, which causes creases to form on the leather and on the fabric lining of your boot if it is also worn out.
  4. Do not wear your boots for long periods, especially leather ones. The leather will stretch over time, so the boots might start creasing or cracking as time goes on.
  5. Always store your boot properly.
  6. Always insert a shoe tree in your boot after use.
  7. Use a boot cream to prevent creases from forming in your boots if they have become worn out through use and age (this works exceptionally well for older boots).
  8. Keep them clean! Cleaning is essential because it keeps dirt from building up around your shoes and causing creases to form on their surface and within them.


Can You Stop Doc Martens From Creasing?

Yes. You can stop doc Martens from creasing following these methods:

  • Always insert a shoe tree after use
  • Keep the shoes waxed and polished. This will keep the leather from drying out and cracking, which can cause it to crease more easily.
  • Do not wear them in wet weather, because the rain will make them crunchy when you walk on them.
  • Wear socks that fit well to prevent your feet from sliding around in the shoes, which also causes creases.
  • Maintain proper shoe care. When you clean your shoes, do not miss any spots or crevices where dirt could accumulate, especially between the sole and upper leather. This can cause damage over time if not cleaned regularly, so make sure you give them a once-over before each wear!
  • Have more than one boot – maybe three. Keep up with regular maintenance. Every six months or so, give all three pairs in your rotation a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, grime, and polish that may have accumulated.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Leather Doc Martens?

For those of you who have Doc Martens, you know how hard it can be to get wrinkles out of them. You can get wrinkles out of leather boots by pressing a damp cloth on them and ironing them until they are gone.

Cover the boot with a damp cloth and heat your iron to cotton level. Iron the parts that are wrinkled by doing it in a circular form. Do not let the iron stay in one place for more than two seconds to avoid damaging your boot.

How Do You Keep Doc Martens From Cracking?

Made by Dr. Martens, Wonder Balsam is a product that will keep your leather soft and supple for years to come. It is also a great preventative measure against cracking because it helps reinforce the leather, making it stronger than ever before.

How Do You Walk In Dr Martens Without Creasing?

There are a few ways to walk in your dr Martens without creasing. One way is by wearing the right size. If you wear the wrong size, the shoe will not be able to keep your feet in place and it will result in creases.

Another way is wearing thick socks to keep your feet from sliding around while walking. This will help you avoid creases on your dr Martens.

How Do I Stop My Boots From Creasing When I Walk?

If you want to prevent your boots from creasing, the first step is to buy the right size. The second step is to walk properly. Also, tighten up the lace of your boot properly.

Use thick socks. The more space there is between your feet and shoe upper material, the more your boots will crease. Also, remember not always to wear one boot. Buy more than one boot and rotate them.

Is It Normal For Boots To Crease?

Yes, it is normal for leather boots to crease. But you should know the causes of the crease and how to remove the creases.

When you wear a pair of leather boots, they will eventually get creased. This is because leather is flexible and can bend at different points on your body. The creases are usually caused by the force of your weight when walking or standing, but they can also be caused by wearing the boot every day.

Dr Martens Crease Protector

You do not need to worry about your Doc Martens getting creased anymore. With Doc Martens Crease Protector Spray, you can keep your boots looking good and feeling great for longer. This spray is an instant shield against scuffs, marks and other wear and tear.

It is made from a special polymer that bonds to the leather, suede, nylon or canvas of your boots in just seconds. So go ahead and kick up your heels—no one will ever have to know!

Can I Return Creased Doc Martens?

No, you cannot return creased doc Martens, except you have never worn them. You can return only unused Doc Martens up to 30 days from the date you order them. You must return only the original product you bought from doc Martens. Anything other than that is not going to work.


If you are looking for ways to get creases out of dr Marten’s boots, there you have it. If you have creases in your Dr. Martens boots, you should never worry. It is possible to get creases out of your Dr. Martens and keep them looking brand-new.

There are a few simple ways that you can use to get creases out of your boots. One of the easiest ways to get creases out of your boots is to buy the right size. Another way to get creases out of your boots is to put them regularly.

Whatever means of keeping crease out of dr Martens’s boots you use, make sure you are not damaging your boots further.

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