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Ariat and Carhartt boots come in various styles and colors, but while both brands make excellent boots, Ariat outperforms Carhartt in many ways. Ariat is known for its high-quality, performance-oriented boots, while Carhartt is known for its rugged, durable footwear

When selecting the right work boot, there are numerous factors to consider. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which boot is best for you. Ariat and Carhartt are two of the most famous work boot brands..

In this article, we will compare Ariat and Carhartt work boots in terms of style, function, and price. We will also provide a brief overview of each brand so you can decide which boot is right for you. So, read on.


Ariat And Carhartt Boots Compared

Ariat’s cutting-edge boots are built to withstand the rigors of your active lifestyle, whether working on the ranch or exploring the great outdoors. Ariat creates stylish and functional boots, focusing on cutting-edge technology and modern design.

If you’re looking for an excellent boot to get you through the workday, Carhartt is the brand to go with. Carhartt boots are made with high-quality materials and construction, so you can be confident that they will last. With so many styles, you’re sure to find the perfect boot for your needs. Carhartt boots will keep you ready for whatever your job throws at you.

Here is the comparison chart for Ariat boots and Carhartt boots.

FeaturesCarhartt BootsAriat Boots
Leather Upperleather and fabric upperFull grain smooth leather
Availabilityavailable in fewer varietiesAvailable in more varieties
Costfrom inexpensive to expensivefrom inexpensive to expensive
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
Break inbreak in timebreak in time
SoleRubber/PVC outsoleRubber or leather
Goodyear weltYesYes
Visual appealAppealingAppealing
WeightThe bigger the boot, the heavierThe bigger the boot, the heavier
DurabilityDurableMore durable
For flat feetYes. Maximum arch supportYes, there is excellent arch support.
for wide feetYesYes
Work bootYesYes
For walkingYes, after break-ink inYes, after the break-in.

Upper Leather

Many people prefer Ariat boots because of the high quality of the leather upper. Ariat boots are made from full-grain leather. The leather upper is strong and long-lasting. The leather upper of the Ariat boots always ages better than other types of boots.

The upper leather has a lot of room for your toes, as the toe cap is spacious. While some Ariat boots are lace-up boots, other boots from Ariat are not lace-up. The upper is well-stitched for more durability. The upper also usually comes with pull tabs, making pulling the shoes on and off easier.

On the other hand, Carhartt boots are made of top-quality leather and a fabric upper that is a bit easier on your feet. The leather is nicely stitched for durability and style. The toe box is reinforced with a toe cap to protect your toes. The toe box is also broad, providing your toes enough space to wiggle around.

The Carhartt boots have lace-up closures and high-quality shoelaces. The boot’s collar is cushioned to protect your ankle and prevent rubbing. The boots also have a pull tab at the back to make putting them on and taking them off easier.


The Soles

Since Ariat makes cowboy boots and other stylish boots, the boots are equipped with a rubber or PVC sole. All the sole materials used on Ariat boots are top quality and highly durable.

Not only is the sole material durable, but it is also highly comfortable. The sole is well cushioned to provide your feet with optimal comfort. The outsole is also well-designed to prevent your feet from slipping. The good thing is that the boot is designed to provide you with top-quality arch support.

Carhartt boots are also equipped with top-quality PVC soles. The sole is well-built to protect your feet and provide optimal comfort. Regarding comfort, the cushioning with Carhartt boots are excellent, making the boot brand a top choice.

The sole is comfortable and has a slip-resistant outsole that provides top-quality protection on different surfaces. The insole is equipped to support your arch. The arch support is fantastic, but if it does not conform to your level of arch issue, you can insert a customized insole in the boots.

Goodyear Welt

Both Ariat and Carhartt boots are Goodyear welted. Goodyear welt construction is one of the standards to look for when choosing the right work boot. The Goodyear welt construction used in Ariat and Carhartt boots makes the shoes more durable than your average work boot.

With the Goodyear welt construction, the sole and leather upper is welted together to make them stronger and more durable. The good thing is that you can resole the boots easily without condemning the leather and sole. When the sole is worn, you can easily change it and continue to enjoy your boot.


The Ariat boot is true to size, but since it runs large, you may need to size it down by half for a snugger fit. The boots come in half and whole sizes, meaning there is something for everyone. If your size is 8.5, you may size it to 8 for a snugger fit.

You may need to test the boot in a physical store for accurate sizing. This is especially true for people with narrow feet. Even if you do not want to buy from a physical store, you should go in there and test the boots to know the correct size to order online.

Carhartt boots are also true to size, but they run slightly more prominent. They even run larger than Ariat boots. The boots also come in half and whole sizes, making it easy for you to get your size without much hassle. For a snugger fit, you should at least size down by half.

The toe box of the Carhartt boot is big, so you may want to test the boot in a physical store before ordering one online. If you have narrow feet, it is essential to try the boot in a physical store to get accurate sizing.


Ariat boots are super comfortable and easy to wear. These boots are well-built and sturdy. The best way to make Ariat boots more comfortable is to get the sizing right. That is why trying the boots on in a physical store is essential. After breaking in the boots and having them conform to your feet, you will enjoy more comfort.

The boots are Goodyear welted and offer top-notch arch support. Suppose your arch issue is not overly sour—the level of arch support. Ariat boots should be enough for your feet to be comfortable, even if you have foot problems. The outsole is also well-made to provide you with optimal protection on all kinds of surfaces.

The Carhartt boots are also comfortable. The upper leather is a bit more comfortable, and the insole is fantastic. These boots also offer arch support, but not at the same level as the Ariat boot. The shoes are well cushioned and have a roomy toe box.

If you correct the sizing, you will enjoy great comfort wearing Carhartt boots. The outsole is also equipped with an excellent outsole that makes you comfortable on any surface you find yourself on.

Model Variety

Both boot brands are available in different varieties, but Ariat boots are functional on a broader array than Carhartt boots. These boot brands offer work boots, cowboy boots, and lifestyle boots. So, both brands provide great boots in different styles that you can choose from, but Ariat has more boot varieties.

When it comes to style, Ariat has a clear edge over Carhartt. Both brands have different kinds of boots, but Ariat has a broader range of stylish, good-looking boots. If you are looking for a work boot that will turn heads, Ariat is the way to go.

When it comes to function, both Ariat and Carhartt offer a variety of boots that are designed for different purposes. However, Ariat’s boots are more versatile and durable than Carhartt’s. If you need a work boot that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, Ariat is the way to go.

Break in Time

Within a few days or weeks, depending on how often you wear the boot around the house and if you primarily get the sizing correct, you should wear the boot around the house to break it in. Do not forget to take them off when they seem to be hurting your feet, and always wear socks during break-ins.

You can also break Carhartt boots in a few weeks, but they are not as easy as Ariat boots. Usually, you need to wear boots around the house to break into them. Make sure to wear socks with your boot when breaking it in.

Support for Flat Feet

Ariat and Carhartt boots offer support for flat feet because they provide quality arch support and are roomy. The toe box of both brands is roomy, so your toes can easily wiggle around in the boot without any issue.

Support for Wide Feet

Ariat and Carhartt boots are vast and perfect for anyone with wide feet. The boots are roomy and ideal for wide feet. If you have wide feet, these two brands are excellent for you. Also, Carhartt boots are better in the middle but roomy in the toes and heel, so the boot seems to fit better.

Good for walking?

Ariat and Carhartt boots are suitable for walking because they are super comfortable. They are well-cushioned, and you can walk long distances in them. The good thing is that you can even run in some of the boots produced by these two brands.

Ariat Boots: Pros and Cons

Full grain leather upperbreak in time
Durable and comfortable rubber or leather solecan be expensive.
Excellent arch support 
Goodyear welt 
Stylish and versatile 
Removable insole 
Excellently cushioned insole with memory foam 
Excellent traction 

Carhartt Boots: Pros and Cons

Top-quality leather and fabric upper 
excellent rubber sole 
Great traction and grip 
Good arch support 
Goodyear welt 
excellent cushioning for optimal comfort 

Price Comparison

While both Ariat and Carhartt boots can be expensive, Carhartt boots are under $220, while Ariat boots can be more costly but under $500.


There are many factors to consider when choosing between Ariat and Carhartt boots. Both brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. Regarding price, Ariat boots tend to be more expensive than Carhartt boots.

However, Ariat boots are known for their durability and comfort, while Carhartt boots are known for their affordability and ruggedness. Ultimately, the best brand for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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