Best Way To Identify Fake Hey Dudes

Fake Hey Dudes

The best way to spot fake hey dudes is to look closely at the packaging and design. Fake Hey Dude shoes are very uncomfortable to wear because they are made of cheap materials that are stiff and don’t breathe well. They can cause stride disruption and upper-body pain.

While it is difficult to identify fake Hey Dudes, there are still ways to identify them. Quality of the materials used, flexibility, pricing, website, flexibility, cushioning, packaging, etc., are some features you should look out for when trying to spot fake Hey Dudes.

It’s difficult to find a shoe without a fake version, so knowing how to spot them is essential. There are a few methods for identifying fake Hey Dude shoes. This blog will assist you in distinguishing between genuine and fake Hey Dudes.

Fake Hey Dudes

9 Ways To Identify Fake Hey Dudes Sneakers?

Fake Hey Dude shoes can be deceiving and hard to identify because they are made exactly like the original ones. There are countless ways that fake shoes can be made to look authentic. However, a few key features will help you identify fake Hey Dudes.

If you spot the following features, you can easily identify fake Hey Dude sneakers without any doubt.

1. Materials

The Original Hey Dudes Sneakers are made with top-quality materials. The company has a variety of premium fabrics that will keep your feet cool and dry all day long. Hey Dudes Sneakers are made of top-quality materials, which is why they are so durable.

Hey Dudes Sneakers are made of top-quality materials, which is why they are so durable. The material used to make the shoe is a high-quality fabric that has been designed to resist tearing and ripping.

The rubber soles of the shoes have also been designed to be durable and comfortable – you can wear them all day without worrying about discomfort.

Fake Hey Dudes

Fake Hey Dudes have none of these qualities. Though they can look extremely identical, the materials’ quality remains different. So, you have to check the materials’ quality to know if the shoe is authentic or fake.

2. Distinctive Cushioning

Hey Dudes Sneakers are a popular footwear option for men and women. They have been in the market for many years now and have been steadily gaining popularity among people of all ages.

The company is known for its distinctive designs, comfortable soles, and quality materials, making it easy to maintain these shoes for a long time.

The cushioning in the sole makes the shoe extremely comfortable. Also, the shoe offers arch support that people with foot problems need. Even if you have plantar fasciitis, these sneakers will help alleviate them.

The sole of fake Hey Dudes is not as comfortable and has no arch support. The sole of fake Hey Dudes will not protect your feet, and if you have foot problems, fake Hey dude shoes will not solve it for you.

3. Flexible

Hey Dudes Sneakers are a brand of sneakers with flexible soles, making them perfect for people who want to do more than walk. Hey Dudes flexible sole is an innovation in the shoe industry. This will make it easier for people to walk comfortably without the risk of injuries.

It is really poor if you check the flexibility of fake Hey Dudes. The fake one is stiffer and not as flexible as the authentic one. So, check the flexibility of the sole to know if it is original or fake.

4. Website

Hey Dude has only one website where the brand’s shoes are sold. So, if you follow a similar website to this link but not the same as the link, you may fall into the hands of people selling fake Hey Dudes.

Fake Hey Dudes

If you fall into the hands of a fake website, you may not even receive your purchase. Hey Dude also has a store on eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon. So, whatever you buy from Hey Dudes’ official store in the two retailers will be original.

If you do not want to fall into the hand of those selling fake Hey Dude shoes, be sure to check the website and confirm it is the real website.

5. Ridiculously Low Price

If the price is too good to be true, you should know it is time to back out, except if you willingly want to buy a fake version of the shoe. The price range of Hey Dude shoes is around $40 and $50. Fake versions are not even close to the price range of the real thing.

Some fake Hey Dude shoes come at around $15. They will claim to give you a discount or that they are in a promo period. That is not true – they will reap you of your hard-earned money and comfort you by sending fake shoes that will not be comfortable and last long.

The surprising thing with some of the fake Hey Dudes is that they will feel somewhat comfortable when you first put them on, but that little comfort will be off very soon. Also, the poor-quality materials used will make the shoe wear out quickly.

6. Warranty

Unlike fake versions of Hey Dudes, authentic Hey Dudes offer you a 60-day warranty from the day of purchase. It means you can return the shoe if it is defective, not a perfect size, or has any problems. A fake version or website will not offer you a warranty.

Fake Hey Dudes

7. Color

Confirm the available colors of Hey Dudes from the official website before you purchase. It is a red flag if the color does not match the original website. Check the color carefully before you place the order, especially if you are not buying from the brand’s website.

8. Fitting

Hey Dude shoes are always comfortable when it comes to fitting. They fit loosely and comfortably. The laces help you adjust the fit without hassle. A fake version of the sneaker can fit tight and restrict your movement. Fake ones may also come with substandard shoelaces.

9. Packaging

Hey Dudes have top-notch and luxurious packaging customized for their shoes. The box is robust and has the company’s logo printed on it. The packaging of the authentic one is not cheap. The packaging of fake ones is affordable, and you will recognize that immediately you see one.


Hey Dudes are comfortable, inexpensive, and durable. Unfortunately, some bad people have started producing fake Hey Dudes, which can make it difficult for you to get the original if you do not have the correct information about the shoes.

There are many ways to identify fake Hey Dude shoes. From the quality of the materials used to the shoe’s comfort and durability, identifying fake ones should not be a problem. If you want to avoid doubt, buy your shoe from the authentic website of the brand.

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