7 Ways To Break In Blundstone Boots


The best way to break in your new Blundstone boots is to put them on for a few hours around the house, stretch them with ice packs or a boot stretcher, or crush the heels manually. 

Blundstone boots are easy to wear in any weather because they are light, waterproof, durable, and comfortable. Celebrities such as David Beckham, pop stars, and movie stars use Blundstone boots.

But there is more you can do to break in the boot quickly. Read on.

How To Break In Blundstone Boots

How To Break In Blundstone Boots? [Watch Video]

Here is how to break in Blundstone boots:

  1. Use a boot stretcher
  2. Wear them around the house for a few hours daily
  3. Use moleskin or blister pad
  4. Wear a good pair of thick socks
  5. Use ice packs to expand the boots
  6. Make them soft using leather conditioner or mink oil
  7. Crush the heels

You can watch this video to find out the practical steps:

Blundstone boots are often considered some of the most comfortable boots available. They are also known for their durability and quality. To break into Blundstone boots takes about two months, depending on each person.

The key to breaking in your Blundstone boots is to wear them for a few hours around the house, gradually increasing the time you wear them.

Let me explain how these methods work.

Use a boot stretcher.

Blundstone boots are a famous brand of boots, and they are known for their comfort. But they can be stiff and uncomfortable when new.

If you have trouble breaking in your new boots, try using boot stretchers to stretch the shoes. These devices are designed to stretch out the leather, making it easier to break in. You will need to use these tools before putting on your boots.

A boot stretcher is an inexpensive product designed to stretch the leather on your shoes or boots. With this method, you can wear your Blundstone much more comfortably, and the leather will also stretch out to give you a better fit in the long run.

To use the boot stretcher to stretch your new Blundstone boots, follow these steps:

  • Insert the stretcher in the Blundstone boots
  • Turn the handle clockwise to expand the Blundstone boot until you reach the desired stretch.
  • Let the boot stretcher remain in the boot for about eight hours.
  • Remove the stretcher after eight hours to avoid overstretching the boot.
  • Put on the boot to see if you have attained your preferred size.

Wear them around the house for a few hours daily

The best way to break in your Blundstone boots is to wear them around the house for a few hours daily until they become comfortable.

This will help you find out if they are comfortable or not. It will also soften the leather and make it easier to put on and take off when needed. 

Use moleskin or blister pad

Blundstone boots are designed to be worn with or without socks. The leather is stiff and needs to be broken in.

When breaking in new Blundstone shoes, you must use moleskin or blister pads to protect your blisters. These small pieces of material fit inside the shoe and cover the area where the skin is rubbing against the leather.

Before you break in your Blundstone boots, try to apply blister or moleskin pads to the heels. This padding will prevent your skin from breaking out while breaking into the shoes.

Wear a good pair of thick socks

One of the best ways to break in Blundstone boots is to wear a good pair of thick socks. Thick-cushioned socks will make it easier for your feet to fit into the shoe and will also help to stretch the leather quickly.

Also, choose socks that are made of natural materials like cotton. Avoid synthetic fibers because they will shrink when wet and interfere with the boot’s waterproofing.

Use ice packs to expand the boots.

When water is frozen, it expands. So, you can use this science to break in your boot. Insert a molten ice pack into the shoes and place the boots in the freezer for a few hours. When the water freezes, it will expand your boot.

This method of expanding your boot may sound odd, but it works. You never know how well it works until you try it!

Make Your Blundstone Boot soft using leather conditioner or mink oil.

Blundstone boots are a quality product, but they may not be as comfortable as you would like them. Blundstone boots are made with quality materials and typically need to be broken in before they are comfortable to wear.

You can use a leather conditioner or mink oil to break in these boots. This helps soften the leather and makes them more comfortable. The oil will not only ease the leather but also make it less susceptible to cracking. It will also make them more flexible and durable.

Crush the heels

The best way to break in Blundstone boots is to crush the heel manually or step on it a few times to reduce the stiffness of the leather. Using this method will help you break in the boot in a short time.

Things To Keep In Mind When Breaking In Blundstone Boots

There are a few things to remember when breaking in a new pair of Blundstone boots.

  1. Your feet need to get used to the new shape of the boot. For this reason, it is important not to wear them for too long at once.
  2. You must wear the boots with socks on (not just barefoot) and let your feet get used to the heat generated by wearing them for extended periods.
  3. To help break in your boots, it is recommended that you wear them around the house or go on short walks and gradually increase their length over time as your feet become more accustomed to their shape.
  4. If you are still experiencing discomfort, such as pain, redness, or blisters, after wearing the boots for a couple of days, it is recommended that you remove the shoes and walk around barefoot for an hour.

How Long Do Blundstones Takes To Break-In?

To break in a new pair of Blundstones can usually take about two months; this is the time it takes to get used to them and feel comfortable wearing them. The length of time also depends on the person’s foot size, weight, and activity level.

This is because Blundstone boots are made from authentic leather that needs time to break in and soften.

Are Blundstones Supposed To Hurt At First?

Yes. The first few weeks or months you wear Blundstones, the rubbing and pressure on your feet may make you feel uncomfortable. This is normal and should subside after the boots have been worn for a while.

Blundstone boots are a popular choice for people working in various environments. They are rugged and can withstand the toughest of conditions.

However, to avoid hurting your feet, breaking them before wearing them for extended periods is essential, as they can be uncomfortable until they are properly broken in.

Is Blundstones Easy To Break In?

It depends on you. Some people break in the boot in less time than others, while others may take up to six months.

The key to breaking in the boot is taking it easy and doing it slowly to avoid hurting your feet. Do not overdo the breaking-in. Wear the boot a couple of hours per day until it becomes comfortable for you to wear.

Breaking into Blundstone Boots is not as complicated as you might have imagined. It only takes a few tricks for them to conform to your feet. Just follow the above ways of breaking in your Blundstone boots, and it will be easier for you.

How To Break-In Blundstones Top Of Foot

To break in the Blundstone top of the foot, wear them for short periods of time and gradually increase the length of time you wear them. Make sure to do this slowly and consistently.

For best results, you should use a shoe stretcher or insert to help stretch out your shoes more quickly. 

How To Break In Blundstones Ankle

There are many ways to break in a new pair of Blundstone ankle boots. The most common way is to wear them around the house for a few hours. But this is not the only way to break in your new Blundstones.

The easiest way is to use a boot stretcher to stretch the boots to help you break into them quickly and concisely. Remember not to overdo it to prevent it from hurting your feet. Do it slowly.

How To Break In Blundstones Heel

When breaking in Blundstones, wearing them on your heel is often recommended. However, it is also common to get blisters.

Getting a blister on your heel is possible while wearing the shoes. There are many methods to avoid this, but the most straightforward answer is to wear a band-aid on your heel before putting on boots.

How can You make my Blundstones fit better?

While Blundstone boots are made to fit snugly, they can sometimes be too snug. To make them work better, try these three tips.

  • Make sure that you have the right size for your feet.
  • Place a pair of insoles in the box with the boots. This will give your foot more room and make the shoe feel more cushioned. 
  • Put on a pair of thick socks.


If you want to break in Blundstone boots, read this article. Blundstone boots are a staple for many shoe lovers. They are made from a rigid, waterproof material designed to provide unbeatable traction, and they come in multiple colors to match any outfit.

They are the first choice for many people because they are easy to slip on and off, and You can wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe.

However, as much as Blundstone boots are a classic, they can sometimes be a little tough to get on and off. The good news is that you can break in the boot using different methods, including stretching them with a boot stretcher, using an ice pack, and so on.


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