Can You Skate In Doc Martens?


Doc Martens aren’t made for skateboarding, so they might not give you the support and grip you need for the sport. Skateboarders usually wear shoes that are made for the sport and give them the support, durability, and grip they need. While Doc Martens shoes are comfortable and long-lasting, they are not ideal for skating, the weight and clumsiness will ruin your skating experience.

Doc Martens have been a staple in the footwear market for quite some time. It is known for its durability, comfort, and style. The shoe brand has been around for many years and is still producing some of the best shoes. But can you skate in Doc Martens?

In this blog, I will discuss why you should never skate in Doc Martens, provide you with features of skateboarding shoes, and list out the most comfortable shoes you can use for all kinds of skateboarding.

Can You Skate In Doc Martens

Why should you not skate in Doc Martens?

While Doc Martens are not suitable for skating, some people may be on a budget and want to do skateboarding for fun in Doc Martens. If you insist on skating in Doc Martens, you will not be able to do many tricks.

For instance, you cannot do the trick such as Ollie’s that involves sliding your foot up the grip tape. However, you may not have many problems doing ramp tricks such as boneless, rock and roll, and frontside grinds.

There are many reasons why you should never skate in Doc Martens. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Doc Martens shoes have heels, but you need flat soles for skating.
  • The leather is thick.
  • It is difficult for Doc Martens’ soles to bend like authentic skateboarding shoes.
  • You will not feel the board.
  • Doc Martens shoes are heavy.

1. Doc Martens Shoes Have Heels, But You Need A Shoe With Flat Sole To Skate

It is a common misconception that you can use shoes with heels to skate. The truth is that shoes with heels have raised heels, which makes it difficult to slide in them. One needs a shoe with a flat sole to skate.

Skating is a sport that requires the use of both hands and feet. The skater needs to have control of the skateboard as well as balance. Skaters also need to be able to stop quickly while they are on their board.

Skaters use their feet to push off the ground and move forward with the board. They use their hands for balance by holding on to the side of the skateboard.

A skateboarder needs a pair of shoes with a flat sole to do any tricks or stunts on their board.

Can You Skate In Doc Martens

2. The Leather Is Thick

Doc Martens Leather Is Thick and can be uncomfortable for skateboarding – this is because the leather that Doc Martens are made of has a thickness that makes it uncomfortable doing tricks on your skateboard.

Wearing Doc Martens can lead to some discomfort when skating, as well as make it harder to enjoy your skateboarding. It can also be challenging to move your feet while doing tricks on your skateboard.

3. It Is Difficult For Doc Martens’ Soles To Bend Like The Real Skateboarding Shoes.

The Doc Martens sole is too stiff and can cause the board to slide out from under the rider’s foot because it does not bend like the authentic skateboarding shoes.

The Doc Martens shoe is a boot with a thick rubber sole typically worn by punk rockers, skinheads, and other subcultural groups. However, this footwear does not bend because it has a wider sole than skateboarding shoes.

4. You Will Not Feel The Board

Skateboarding is a sport that requires a lot of balance, coordination, and agility. One of the most important things for a skateboarder is suitable footwear. Skateboarders usually wear shoes with flat, rugged soles designed to grip the board’s surface.

Skateboarding in Doc Martens will not be as much fun as it should be. The rubber soles do not provide enough comfort to feel the skateboard.

Also, they are made with rugged leather, which does not flex like regular skateboarding shoes or sneakers, which can lead to blisters and calluses on your feet and toes. Skateboarders need their feet to feel and grip the board with their shoes to stop or turn quickly without falling off.

5. Doc Martens Shoes Are Heavy

Doc Martens’s Shoes are heavy and cannot be used for skating. They are not made for skating. The shoes are made of thick leather and have a thick rubber soles. It is the perfect shoe for a rainy or snowy day because it will keep your feet warm and dry, but it is not the right shoe for skating.

The Features of Quality Skateboarding Shoes

Skateboarding is an increasingly popular sport that requires the right equipment. Skateboarding shoes are crucial for any skater, and choosing the right pair can be tricky. To keep you from getting hurt and to make skating easier, they need to have good grip, comfort, and support.

We looked at the features of some of the best skate shoes out there to help you choose a pair for your next session.

Can You Skate In Doc Martens

1. Optimal heel protection

When it comes to skating, the heel is the essential part of the shoe. It protects you from injury and keeps your feet in place when doing your stuff.

A good skate shoe should provide you with optimal heel protection. You should be able to feel confident that your skate shoes will not let you down when it comes to protecting your heels because heel bruises are one injury that can end your session early.

2. Gusset Tongues

A gusset tongue is a type of tongue that is attached to the shoe. The language should be attached along the opening where the laces run rather than be free-floating. Most shoes have this configuration.Gusset tongues are usually found on skate shoes or hiking boots.

The material of the gusset tongue should be durable and robust enough to withstand the pressure exerted by your foot. The stitching should also be strong enough to last long and not break apart easily.

The gusset tongue should be stable, which is why many skateboarding shoes have the midsole and tongue connected to give you a snug fit while keeping the language in place.

3. Toe Cap

Toe caps protect the high-wear areas of skating shoes, so they are necessary for your skate shoes.

4. Durable Outsole

Since you perform tricks on your skateboard, the outsole of your shoe must be grippy and durable. It should not be an outsole that will tear apart when performing those tricks. That is why the outsole must be made from a durable rubber material. This type of outsole will also let you feel the board.

5. Double-Wrapped Foxing Tape

Shoes with double-wrapped foxing tape that borders the bottom of the shoe are the perfect shoes for skating. The video will add the second foxing layer to reinforce the part of the shoe for better durability.

Can You Skate In Doc Martens

Can You Wear Doc Martens Sledding?

No. The Doc Martens are not comfortable in any way when it comes to skating in the rain or on snow. The leather of Doc Martens is thick, the sole is vast, and the heel will not make you comfortable. So, it is better to avoid Doc Martens shoes when it comes to skating.

Do Doc Martens Slip On Ice?

Yes, Doc Martens can slip on ice. If you want to make your Doc Martens non-slip, you can apply an ice grip to its outsole or use traction spray when you are on any slippery surface.


So, can you skate in Doc Martens? You can skate in Doc Martens, but you should not try it. If you do not want to get yourself injured, do not try to skate in Doc Martens. The Doc Martens leather upper is stiff, and the sole is also thick. They are also not flat-soled shoes, so you should not use them.

There are many skating shoes, and I have listed some of them above. If you want to stay comfortable, stay injury free and perform different kinds of tricks effortlessly, do not try to use Doc Martens shoes for skating.

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