Do Jordan 11s Crease?

Do Jordan 11s Crease?

Yes. Jordan 11s crease with age and constant use. Even though the shoe has excellent quality, it creases because it’s made with leather. To stop it from creasing, you must buy the right size and use an iron and a damp cloth. More measures are discussed below.

Jordans have been around for a while and have been the go-to basketball shoe for many. They have been making these shoes for a long time. They are popular because of their excellent design and their comfort. But do Jordan 11s crease?

Most shoes are made of leather, and Jordan 11s are no exception. If you own Jordan 11s, you should know that they will crease at a certain point, but the most important thing is understanding how to prevent creases and get wrinkles out of your Jordan 11s.

If you have just bought one of the Jordan 11s and are wondering if they crease, the reality is that they do. However, in this blog, I will tell you why they wrinkle, how to prevent creases, and how to eliminate creases from your Jordan 11s.

Why Do Jordan 11s Crease?

Jordan 11s are one of the most popular basketball shoes on the market. They have a unique design that makes them stand out from other brands. But do they crease? Yes, they wrinkle, and here is why they tuck:

  • You Wear Your Jordan 11s
  • You Got The Wrong Size
  • Jordan 11s Are Made Of Leather Upper.

How Do You Stop Jordan 11s From Creasing?

Creases are inevitable, but there are ways you can remove wrinkles from your Jordan 11s. Here are some of the best ways to stop Jordan 11s from creasing:

1. Buy The Right Size

The best way to prevent creases is to buy the correct size. When you purchase oversize, the extra room in the shoe will cause your sneaker to crease quickly. Extra room in shoes is the main reason for shoe creases, and to avoid wrinkles, you need to ensure you do not have extra room in your shoes.

That is why getting your shoe in the correct size is essential. Though creases will appear in the long run if you get the right size, they will not seem so soon. So, get the right size of Jordan 11s to prevent creases.

2. Use an Iron And a Damp Cloth

One of the best ways to get the crease out of your Jordan 11s is to use iron and a damp cloth. To make this work perfectly and kick creases out of your shoes. You need water, a clean towel, an iron, socks, or old newspapers. If you have gotten those materials, let us remove the crease from your shoe.

Step 1:  Clean your Jordan 11s

Clean your shoes properly. You can use a clean cloth to clean your shoes’ dust, dirt, and grime. This will make it easy for you to remove creases from your shoes without staining them.

Step 2: Put inserts in the sneakers

Insert your socks, especially those thick ones in the shoes, to the toe front so they can form the natural shape they had when you bought them. If you do not have enough socks to insert so the body can create, you can insert some old newspapers or use a paper towel.

Make sure your insert reaches the toe part of the shoe and that the boots form the standard shape they had when you first bought them or look how they will look when you wear them.

Step 3: Plug your iron

Plug your iron and turn it on, heating it for cotton material. That is 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is not too hot for your sneakers.

Step 4: Wet your towel

Wet the towel. The important thing is that the color of the towel should match the color of your sneakers. So, wet it to make it damp. Wring out water from your towel so that the towel remains only damp. If you have no towel that color matches your shoe; you can use one of your cotton clothes in the same color as the sneakers.

Step 5: Iron the sneakers

Place the dampened towel or cloth on the sneaker and iron the areas created in a circular form. It would be best if you did not stay ironing a place for more than three seconds to avoid burning the leather.

When you place the dampened towel on the sneaker, hold it tight from under it so that when you iron it, the creases will get out quickly. Make sure to iron the shoes circularly until the wrinkles are out.

Do Jordan 11s Crease

Also, remember to wet the towel again when it is dry because you cannot use a dry towel for this process if you do not want to burn your shoes. With the dampened towel, you can iron all the creased areas. When true with the first sneaker, do the same with the second sneaker.

Step 6: Let The Sneaker Cool

When you have removed all the creases, allow the sneakers to cool. Do not remove the insert until the shoes are fantastic. You can leave the inserts until the next time you want to wear the shoes.

3. Steam Your Jordan 11s

If you dislike using iron, steaming your shoe is a great deal. This trick requires a microwave, water, towel, or washcloth. Here is the step to follow:

  • Make the towel damp by wetting it with water and wringing water out of it
  • Place the dampened towel in a heat-resistant dish like Pyrex
  • Please place it in the microwave and heat it on high for thirty seconds
  • Please remove the steamed towel and place it over the creased areas on your shoe to heat its leather.
  • If the towel is cold before removing the creases, dampen it, steam it, and repeat the process until you remove all the wrinkles.
  • Insert a shoe tree in the sneakers to keep the shape of your shoe. You can use a paper towel, old newspaper, or socks if you do not have a shoe tree.

4. Condition Jordan 11s

There are different kinds of conditioners and oils to condition your Jordan 11s. If you do not want heat on your shoe, you can easily use shoe conditioners or oil to remove creases.

You should first test any conditioner or oil on a small shoe area to ensure it will not discolor your shoes. After trying it and it does not discolor your shoe, apply it all over your Jordan 11s. When done, insert a shoe tree in the boots to keep their shapes.

5. Use Blow-drying

You may not have iron but a blow-dryer. Blow-dryer will also work wonders when removing creases from your sneaker. Before using a blow dryer, insert a shoe tree in your sneaker. Cedar shoe trees are perfect for this job because they will not get hot in your shoes.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Plug your blow dryer and turn its setting to low heat
  • Hold the blow dryer about 8 to 10 inches from your sneakers
  • Move the bow dryer over the shoe a few times before setting it down
  • Rub the warm leather against the shoe tree with your finger to remove the creases
  • Repeat the process until all the wrinkles are gone.

You can keep the shoe tree in the shoes while they cool down.

6. Use Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are suitable for kicking out creases from your shoes. If you are not wearing your Jordan 11s, insert shoe trees. Though shoe trees may not fill the inside of the shoe as expected, you can support it with some old newspaper or paper towel so that the shape can form neatly.

Cedar shoe tree is excellent as it is better than most shoe trees out there. It will help you remove creases and make your shoe smell nice.

7. Rotate Your Jordan 11s

There is no crime in having two or three sneakers. If you constantly wear one sneaker, you will have to deal with more creases. So, the best thing to do is buy and rotate more sneakers. 

That way, you can insert shoe trees in those you are not wearing at a particular time, and you will only deal with fewer creases.


Is It Normal For Jordans To Crease?

Yes. It is usual for Jordans to crease because they are leather shoes. You have to accept that all leather shoes will wrinkle, but the good thing is that there are ways to prevent and treat creases. Taking care of your shoes is essential if you do not like the ugly face of Creasing.

How Do I Stop My Jordans From Creasing When I Walk?

There are many ways to keep your Jordans from creasing when walking in them. The best way to keep your Jordans from creasing when you walk are:

  • Get the perfectly fit Jordans
  • Walk properly in your Jordans
  • Rotate your Jordans with other shoes. This will prevent consistent Creasing.
  • Use a shoehorn when putting on and off your shoe
  • Tighten your Jordans laces correctly

Do Jordan Cleats Crease?

Yes, Jordan cleats crease. If Jordan cleats are not stored correctly, or the transportation is not done properly, they will crease. They are all at risk of the crease, whether leather, canvas, or suede. The best way to prevent wrinkles is to take care of your shoe and have a properly fitting shoe.

Are Creased Shoes Bad?

A crease in shoes is expected. Though a lot of people hate wrinkles, some people do not care. But Creasing is a reality that everyone has to accept. You should expect creases if your shoe is made of suede, leather, or canvas. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce wrinkles.


If you are looking for an answer to the question, “do Jordan 11s crease?” the answer is they crease. No suede, leather, or canvas shoe is safe regarding Creasing. So, accept it as the reality it is that your Jordans will crease.

The good thing is there are ways to stop creasing and prevent it. The number one way is to get your sizing right in Jordan 11s. Another way is to take good care of your Jordan 11s by using shoe trees and rotating your Jordan 11s with other shoes. This will help you to prevent creases.

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