Do Nike Blazers Crease? [ How To Prevent]

Do Nike Blazers Crease

Yes, Nike Blazers do crease with age; this happens because the bottom of the shoe has more material than the top, and the extra material tends to fold over itself over time when you take off your shoes after walking in them. This will not happen to brand-new blazers but to older ones that have been used for a few years.

In this article, we have everything you need to know about Nike Blazer creases: how to prevent wrinkles in your Nike Blazers and, of course, how to get creases out of your creased Nike Blazers. So, stay tuned!

Do Nike Blazers Crease

Why Do Nike Blazers Crease?

Nike blazers crease because their upper is made with leather. Even if the leather is so durable that it lasts 20 years, you must deal with creases and wrinkles. So, the leather and crease are like 5 and 6.

Go ahead and check all your leather shoes. You will find that they all have creases depending on how often you wear them. 

So, every shoe creases, including Nike blazers, But how do you prevent Nike blazers from creasing?

How To Prevent Crease In Nike Blazers?

You have purchased an expensive sneaker and do not want to see creases on your gorgeous sneaker. What should you do to prevent creases? There are many ways to avoid creases. They say prevention is better than cure. That is why we are looking at how to avoid creases first.

Here are some of the best ways to prevent your Nike blazers from creasing:

1. Stick In Old Newspaper Or Tissue Papers

One of the best ways to keep your sneakers healthy and last longer is to take proper care of them. When you take care of your shoes, creasing will not have space on them, and the shoes will remain as gorgeous as when you first bought them.

To prevent creasing in your Nike blazers, stick some old newspaper or tissue paper in the shoe when you are not wearing it. The old newspaper or tissue paper should fill the toe box nicely to keep the shape of your shoe.

Not just the toe box; you can stick those papers in the shoe to fill it. But the most critical place to attach the documents is the toe box because it is where your shoe bends all the time you move or walk in it.

Sticking the paper or tissue paper in the shoe will smooth out any wrinkles or creases that might have grazed your sneaker.

2. Insert A Shoetree

Inserting a shoetree in your blazer is one of the best ways to prevent creases. After the hustle and bustle of the day, you want to take your shoes off. After taking off your shoes, inserting a cedar shoetree into your sneaker is essential.

Cedar shoetree will not only prevent creases but get out those odors of your shoes. The shoetree is manufactured to optimize your shoe with a long-lasting cedar aroma. The shoetree will keep your sneakers in shape while absorbing moisture and sweat to kick out odors.

Regular shoetrees will help shape your shoes and preserve the original shape, length, and form, keeping the boots in tip-top shape. Not only will shoetree prevent creases, but also wrinkles. This shoelace is particularly good – it is one of the best you can ever insert into your sneakers.

3. Insert Sneaker Shield

A sneaker shield is an excellent way to prevent creases when wearing your sneakers. Get a good sneaker shield and insert it into the top of your sneaker. I mean, in the toe box. Insert the protection before you put on your sneakers.

The shield will prevent your Nike blazer from creasing when you step out. The problem with a sneaker shield is that a poor shield can make you uncomfortable. If you insert the wrong one in your shoe, it can cause numbness. So, it is necessary to get the correct shield.

We can recommend this sneaker shield. It is one of the best things you can get to prevent your sneakers from creasing. It is comfortable and does not make your toes numb.

4. Wear Thicker Socks

Aside from using thick socks to break into a shoe, you can also use thick socks to prevent creases. When you wear thicker socks, the socks will fill all the remaining spaces your feet cannot load.

Those spaces are one of the reasons why your shoe crease, and if you can get out of those spaces, you should be able to prevent creases. So, fill the spaces, and you can avoid or at least reduce creases.

5. Try Shoehorns

One of the causes of the crease on your shoes is bending down to wear them.

One of the causes of the crease on your shoes is bending down to wear them. But you can help your boots stay healthy by using shoehorns instead of bending down to wear them. Shoehorns are especially great to use when you are in a hurry.

With a shoehorn, you can quickly put on your shoes without bending. 

6. Rotate Your Sneakers

Since you know that creases and wrinkles are inevitable, you need to have more than one shoe. Having three to four shoes or more will help prevent creases from appearing quickly on your shoes. When you have more than one shoe, you can rotate the shoes.

Do Nike Blazers Crease
Do Nike Blazers Crease

But if you continue to wear one Nike blazer daily, you will have to deal with more creases and wrinkles in the long run. So, the best thing to do is to buy three or four shoes or sneakers and rotate them.

Now, those are the best ways to prevent creases. If you take care of your Nike blazer well, you can avoid wrinkles from appearing. However, there are things you can do to kick out creases if your sneaker eventually creases.

If you notice creases on your beautiful Nike blazer, here is what you should do:

How To Get Crease Out Of Your Nike Blazers?

If you are ready to kick out the crease of your Nike blazers or just about any sneaker, try this:

1. Buy The Right Size

Yes, you have to buy the right size of Nike blazers. One of the reasons why sneakers crease is the number of spaces left in your sneakers that your feet cannot fill. To avoid wrinkles, you should always buy a perfectly fitting size.

Too big shoes tend to crease more quickly because of the extra space between your foot and the shoe. More oversized shoes are always uncomfortable, and if you get the smaller size, the same issue will arise. So, make sure to get the right size.

2. Use Iron And Damp Towel

This is a popular tip, but most people tend to do it wrong, hence the complaint that the trick does not work effectively. If you fail to use this method correctly, you will only succeed in removing a few creases but not all.

Here is how to effectively get creases out of your sneakers with an iron and a damp towel. Follow these steps:

Do Nike Blazers Crease
Do Nike Blazers Crease

What you need to use:

  • Iron
  • Clean towel, preferably the same color as your sneaker, or you can get a white towel.
  • A bowl of clean water

Now let us get the crease out of your Nike blazers!

Step 1: Fill Your Sneaker With Old Newspapers or Tissue Papers 

Find some old newspapers or use tissue paper. Insert the old newspapers or some tissue paper in your sneakers. Make sure to fill the shoes such that their shape is formed and SMOOTH.

Step 2: Put On Your Iron

Plug your iron and set it to cotton material temperature or turn it to between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Wet The Towel

The goal here is to make the towel damp. So, insert the clean towel into your prepared bowl of clean water. Wring out the water from the towel as much as possible because the dampness is what we need here.

Step 4: Cover The Creased Area With The Wet Towel

Cover the creased area of the sneaker with a wet towel. To make this work effectively, after covering the sneaker with the damp towel, hold the towel from the bottom of the sneaker and start ironing on top of the towel in a circular motion.

Do not let the iron stay in one place for over two seconds. Continue doing this until the creases are entirely gone. If the towel is dry, you should re-insert it into the water, squeeze water out of it and repeat the process of ironing the sneaker until the creases are gone.

Repeat the same process on the second sneaker, and the wrinkles and creases disappear.

Step 5: Let The Sneakers Cool

After the creases and wrinkles are gone, stop ironing and let the old newspapers or tissue papers inserted into the sneakers remain inside until the sneakers are fabulous. You can leave it there until you want to wear the shoes again.

Do Nike Blazers Crease
Do Nike Blazers Crease

3. Condition Your Nike Blazers

While heat is an effective way to kick creases out of your sneakers, you might not like to use heat. You can condition your leather sneakers. But just before you start preparing your shoes, try the oil or conditioner on a small part of the shoe and see if it works perfectly on your shoe.

If the conditioner is suitable for your leather sneakers, apply it to your entire sneakers, massaging it more on the creased areas. Once you have conditioned the leather sneakers, insert a shoetree to keep the shape of the sneakers while they dry.

4. Clean Your Shoes Always

Dirty shoes are not pleasant. If you want to kick creases and wrinkles out of your sneakers, take care of them properly. Always clean them and address those creases quickly. This will help you keep your shoes looking new forever.

Your shoes will remain sparkling clean and new with proper care and maintenance.

Do Nike Blazers Crease
Do Nike Blazers Crease

How Do You Fix A Creased Blazer?

There are many ways to fix creased blazers. Some of the best ways to improve creased blazers are:

  • Use an iron and a damp towel
  • Buy the right size
  • Use hairdryer
  • Use conditioner or oil
  • Prevent creases by caring for your sneakers and maintaining them properly
  • Rotate your shoes. Have like three or more shoes and rotate them

Do Nike Blazers Hurt To Break In?

If you follow the proper steps, Nike Blazers do not hurt to break into. There are many ways to break into your sneakers. Some of the best ways to break into your new sneakers include:

  • You are buying the correct size. If you buy the right size, you will find it easier to break into your sneakers.
  • I am wearing it around the house for an hour. You should gently break in your sneakers by wearing them around the house for a few hours daily.
  • Wear thick socks. To break into your Nike blazers easily, wear thick socks with them, and they will not hurt your feet while breaking into them.
  • Use a shoe stretcher. A shoe stretcher can help you break into your sneakers quickly.
Do Nike Blazers Crease
Do Nike Blazers Crease

Do Nike Blazers Take A While To Break In?

Nike Blazers can take between two to four weeks to break in. But you do not need to rush things. Take your time to break into the shoes, and you will not have bruises or any related to breaking into a shoe. Wear it a few hours a day and wear thick socks.

Are Nike Blazers uncomfortable?

No. Nike blazers are incredibly comfortable. You can wear them all day without any problems. They are super comfortable once you break into them, and you can wear them for as long as you wish. 

How Do You Walk In Nikes Without Creasing Them?

You cannot stop Nikes from creasing in the long run, but you can delay and reduce the crease. This is because you cannot prevent your foot from bending when you wear them, and since their upper is made of leather, they are bound to crease.

Here is how to reduce creasing in Nikes or prevent Nikes from creasing:

  • Walk properly and do not turn and twist the sneakers.
  • Buy the right size for you. It should not be too small or too big
  • Try to rotate the shoes. It means you should have more than one sneaker.
  • Always properly tighten your shoelaces such that the feel is comfortable
  • When you are not wearing sneakers, try to keep a shoehorn in them to keep their shape.

Are Nike Blazers Worth Getting?

Yes. They are worth getting because they are comfortable, stylish, and durable. The good thing about them is that they are versatile and pair nicely with many outfits. There is a reason why fashionistas love them! 

How Long Do Nike Blazers Last?

Because they are made of durable materials, Nike Blazers can last up to 6 years if you take care of them properly. The sneakers blend leather and synthetic materials and are of exceptional quality. So proper maintenance will make them last longer.


If your question is, “Do Nike Blazers crease?” The answer is yes. Any leather, whether suede or canvas, will crease. This is because your feet will bend while walking in your Nike Blazers. Those areas where your toes are bent will crease.

Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent creases and kick creases out of your sneakers. The most important things are to buy the right size, always insert cedar shoetrees to keep them in shape, and rotate your shoes. If your sneakers eventually crease, use an iron and a damp towel to get the crease out of them. Follow the proper steps to effectively remove creases from your Nike Blazers.

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