Dr. Martens 8053 vs. 1461

Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461

The 1461 and 8053 are both iconic Doc Martens boots, but they offer distinct experiences. The 1461 is more manageable to break in than the 8053, which has a cushioned collar and five eyelets, because it has three eyelets and a traditional appearance. The 8053 is designed for maximum comfort and is ideal for adding a touch of style to everyday attire.

However, both shoes are constructed to last and will only improve with age, adding character and individuality to your ensemble. They are an absolute necessity for anyone who wishes to make a fashion statement with their footwear.

Dr. Martens has produced a lot of top-quality shoes with a similar look. If you have seen Dr. Martens’s models 8053 and 1461, you will understand what we mean by that. However, there are a few things that distinguish these similar-looking shoes.

In this blog post, we will highlight all the differences between these two iconic shoes. Read on.


Dr. Martens 8053 Or 1461 Boots Comparison

While Dr. Martens 8053 and 1461 look the same, a few features separate the two. For instance, 8053 has a well-cushioned collar that prevents foot rubbing and makes life easier for you when breaking into the shoe, while 1461 has no padded collar to prevent rubbing, making it more challenging to break in.

Other features differentiate these iconic shoes. Let us highlight the characteristics of each shoe in a comparison table!

FeaturesDr. Martens 8053 BootDoc Martens 1461
Leather UpperFull grain smooth leatherFull grain smooth leather
AvailabilityAvailable in less varieties of 11 different stylesAvailable in more varieties of 97 different styles
Cost$140 to $170$60 to $130
ComfortMore comfortableComfortable
SizingSizes between 5 and 14Sizes between 1 and 14
Break inTakes time to break inEasier to break in
SoleChunky soleNormal and chunky sole
Goodyear weltYesYes
Eyelets5 eyelets3 eyelets
Shoelace colorsBlackBlack
StitchingDouble and triple stitchingDouble and triple stitching
Visual appealMore appealingAppealing
Weight1 lb. 6 oz1 lb. 3 oz
DurabilityDurableMore durable
Which Boots is True to sizeTrue to size but size down by half if you are in betweenTrue to size, but size down by half if your size is in between
Which Boots are good For flat feetNo. It has no arch supportNo. It has no arch support
Which Boots are good For wide feetYesYes
Work boots  Yes Yes
Which Boots are good For walkingYes, after break-inYes, after break-in

Now, let us dive into Dr. Martens’ 8053 and 1461 features in more detail.


Upper Material

The Dr. Martens 8053 is a stylish and versatile boot that you can dress up or down. It features a full-grain smooth leather upper. The leather is thick, durable, and has double and triple stitching to last for many years. The boot comes in different leather varieties, which makes it a great choice.

Unfortunately, it has no padded collar, but wearing socks with it while breaking into it should make it easier on your feet. This boot is perfect for everyday wear after breaking it in.

Dr. Martens 1461 also has a full-grain smooth leather upper. This means that the shoe is made from a high-quality piece of leather that has been buffed to create a smooth surface.

The full-grain leather is thick, durable, and stylish. 1461 also has a padded collar for added comfort. So, you can be sure that the shoe will not sink into your skin while breaking into it.


8053 has a chunky sole made of top-quality rubber material. The sole looks like a platform sole, making it stand out whenever you put the boot on. The sole is also well cushioned in the insole to provide optimal comfort while walking on such a chunky sole.

Also, the 8053 outsoles are equipped to be slip resistant because the shoe was made purposely for work before people started wearing it for different kinds of occasions.

While the 1461 also has a few chunky soles, most 1461 versions have a regular sole cushioned with Doc Martens’ iconic air cushioning for optimal comfort.

The outsole is made from rubber material and offers protection from slip. The slip resistance feature it provides makes it perfect for both work and fun.

Doc Martens 8053 Vs 1461

Goodyear Welt

Doc Martens 8053 and 1461 boots are Goodyear welted and heat-sealed at 700 degrees centigrade to make the shoes last for many years. These boots from Doc Martens are also generously sewn around the welt with Dr. Martens’ iconic yellow stitching.

The Goodyear welt means you can efficiently resolve your boot without condemning the leather upper when the sole becomes worn. The Goodyear welt also holds the leather upper and sole together firmly so that the boots can last longer.


While Dr. Martens 8053 is available in fewer varieties, the sizing is between 5 and 14. This boot is not available for kids, so if you are looking to shop for a shoe for your kids, you may be disappointed that this boot is not available for kids.

8053 is true to size, but since all Doc Martens boots are a bit roomy in the toe box, those with sizes in between may want to size down by half for a snugger fit.

1461 is a boot available in over 90 varieties, and the good thing is that it is true to size and available for kids, youths, and adults. So, the boot is for everyone who is looking for top-quality shoes.

The size range is between 1 and 14. However, if you want a snug fit, you may need to size down by half if your size is in between.


When it comes to comfortability, 8053 is comfortable after breaking it in. While the chunky sole of the boot makes it more challenging to break in, the padded collar provides the additional comfort you need to make it comfortable.

The padded collar means you do not need to worry about rubbing, and the leather will not be able to eat into your skin even if you do not wear socks.

Dr. Martens 1461 is also comfortable because it has a regular sole that bends, unlike the 8053 chunky soles. When you break into this shoe, it becomes super comfortable. But since it has no padded collars, your feet may rub. But 1461 is generally satisfied, especially after breaking into it.


8053 is a boot designed for work and style. This boot can add to your height and make you stand out. The boot comes with five eyelets, and metal aglets that ensure lacing your boot is effortless. The aglet holes of 8053 are also more significant than those of 1461 holes.

Doc Martens 1461 is also designed for work and play. The boot comes with only three eyelets and is also equipped with metal aglets. While 1461 also has a few varieties with chunky soles, the sole on most types of 1461 is the standard boot sole.

Doc Martens 8053 Vs 1461


Dr. Martens 8053 is limited in terms of variety. The boot is available in about 11 types. It means it is only available for youth and adults. As beautiful as this boot is, kids will not be able to wear it until they grow up. The good thing is that you will find them in different colors.

On the other hand, Doc Martens 1461 are available in wide varieties. This shoe is available in 97 combinations for kids, youths, and adults. It is also available in many colorways, so you can choose the color you love most. The good thing is that the shoe is available in different kinds of leather, making it easier for you to find a perfect choice for any occasion.

Break in Time

Both 8053 and 1461 take time to break in. However, the regular sole of 1461 makes it easier to break in than 8053. The chunky sole of 8053 will not bend, so if you are not used to shoes with chunky soles, breaking in 8053 may be frustrating.

Within 5 and 6 weeks of regular wear around the house, you can break into 1461, but you may not be able to break into 8053 in one year if you are not used to shoes with high soles. Also, some people have complained that the padded collar of 8053 is not the passcode to breaking into it.


You already know that Dr. Martens makes top-quality shoes with high-quality materials. 1461 and 8053 boots are no exceptions. These shoes are made of top-quality leather with a smooth finish. The leather is thick and made from full-grain leather material.

So, the durability of the two shoes is not questionable, especially if you get yours from the manufacturer’s original site.


Naturally, you know that Doc Martens 8053 is heavier than 146 because it has a chunky sole. The weight of 8053 is around one lb., six oz., while that of 1461 is 1 lb—3 oz. However, there may be a slight difference in weight depending on the size you choose. But 8053 generally weighs more than 1461.

Support For Flat Feet

Unfortunately, 8053 and 1461 boots do not support flat feet because they offer no arch support. However, you can easily insert your custom arch support insole in these shoes if you love Doc Martens boots. If you add a custom insole, the shoes should be comfortable for your flat feet.

Support for Wide Feet

Almost all Doc Martens shoes support wide feet because they usually come with a giant toe box. 8053 and 1461 are no exceptions. They come with a large toe box that will allow your wide feet to be comfortable all day. So, if your feet are wide, you can gladly get 1461 or 8053 for work and fun.

Are They Good For Walking Or Running?

Both 1461 and 8053 are suitable for walking, especially after breaking into them. However, while you can walk long distances and short distances wearing your 1461, you may want to restrict your 8053 to walking short distances because it is a bit heavier than your 1461. But if you are used to wearing shoes with chunky soles, why not try 8053 too?

Both shoes are not suitable for running.

Dr Martens 8053 Pros And Cons

Top quality full grain smooth leatherHeavy
Chunky sole for statement-makingLong break-in time
Durable rubber sole with excellent tractionCan be expensive
Padded ankleSole does not bend
Wide toe boxLimited varieties
True to size 
Well cushioned 
Adds height to you 
Double and triple stitching 
5 eyelets with big hole aglets 
Stylish and attractive 
Goodyear welted and yellow stitching on the welt 
Good for work and play 

Dr. Martens 1461 Pros And Cons

Top quality full grain smooth leatherTakes time to break in
Durable rubber soleLacks padded ankle and collar
3 eyelets with metal aglets 
Available in different varieties and colors 
Comfortable and durable 
Double and triple stitching 
True to size 
Excellent traction 
Good for work and play 

Price Comparison

8053 costs between $140 and $170, while 1461 costs between $60 and $130. Since 1461 is available for kids, the kid’s’ boot is expected to cost less than the adult’s, which is why the price of 1461 is a little lower than 8053.

8053 is a bit expensive because of the chunky sole. The demand is also high since it is unavailable in too wide varieties.


Both Dr. Martens 8053 and 1461 are durable and stylish shoes, but the 8053 seems to catch the attention of a lot of people because of its chunky sole. If you love to make a fashion statement, 8053 is for you, but if you are looking for a stylish shoe that is inexpensive and easier to break in, especially if you are not a fan of platform soles, 1461 is the right shoe for you.

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