Dr. Martens Make My Toes Numb (How To Fix)

Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb

Dr. Martens boots can make your toes go numb if they are too small, not broken in, not wide enough, or have a steel toe. Try a different size, break the boots in, get a wide width boot, or avoid steel toe boots to fix the problem.

Brand new Dr. Martens can be incredibly snug around your ankle, which can be uncomfortable if you have to walk long distances in them, but this will eventually fade as the leather softens over time. This process takes about a month for regular shoes but can take up to two months for docs.

“So, how do you fix the problem when your new Doc Martens make your toes numb and cause pain?” Here is how to fix it

7 Reason Dr. Martens Boots Make Your Foot Numb

Here are other causes of numbness in your toes:

  1. The shoes are small for you
  2. The shoes are too big
  3. The insole of the shoe is preventing blood circulation to your toes
  4. The sole of the shoe is deformed and affecting blood circulation to the toes
  5. Your boot has not been broken in
  6. The sole of the shoe is too high for you 
  7. Your feet are wide
Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb
Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb

Best Fix For Dr Martens Boots Cases Numb Toes

Doc Martens are one of the most iconic shoes in the world. They are comfortable and stylish, but they are also known to cause a lot of pain with their rigid soles. So, how do you fix it? Here is how you can fix it:

  1. Buy the right size: Buying the right size of Doc Martens shoes or boots will help you prevent numbness in the toes. Do not buy a smaller size or a size that is too big for you. Make sure you measure your feet correctly and try the boots on first before buying them.
  2. Check the insole: If the insole is not properly inserted. Also, if the insole is too high in front of the boot, you may want to change it to avoid foot numbness.
  3. Examine the sole: If the sole of the shoe is deformed, it could cause toe numbness. So, make sure to check the sole of your shoe. If it is deformed, make sure to repair it.
  4. Take time to break in the boot: If you are not the type that wears boots and you are wearing them for the first time, you should take time to break in the boot slowly
  5. Use shoe insert: In case the boot is your size but your feet are wide, you can stretch the boot by using a shoe insert. Make sure you are not overstretching the boot so that you do not make it bigger than expected.

How Do You Break In The Toe Of Doc Martens?

Breaking into Doc Martens is easy and may be difficult at times. The important thing is to be patient while breaking in Doc Martens. Here is how to break into Doc Martens:

  1. Buy the right size for you: The first and most important thing to do if you want to break in your Doc Martens easily is to buy the right size. Do not buy a smaller size or a bigger size. Be sure to buy your correct size.
  2. Use shoe insert: When you buy a new Doc Martens boot, stretch it with a shoe insert. Stretching it with a shoe insert will make it easier to break into the boot. Remember not to over-stretch it.
  3. Wear your Doc-Martens around the house: For a few hours like one or two hours every day, wear your new Doc-Martens around the house.
  4. Wear socks: Whenever you wear your Doc Martens boot, wear thick socks. Thick socks will help you prevent crease and toe numbness, while also helping you to break in the shoe.
  5. Use recommended balm: With the right balm, you can make your boot easier to break-in.

Why Do My Doc Martens Hurt My Feet?

Doc Martens is a style of shoe that is popular for people of all ages, but there are some unique things about the way the lining of their shoes works. One of these is that they are made of a fabric that is made to be both strong and flexible.

This can cause friction against your feet as you walk, which can cause pain and damage. One way to help with this is by wearing thick socks with your Doc Martens. This will help to reduce friction, which will allow your feet to feel less pain.

When you start wearing your Docs, they will be really hard and smooth on your feet. They will also be really hard on your toes. But if you take the time to soften them, they will be much more comfortable. If the boots are too tight, it may be hard to break them in, and if they are too big, the heel will hurt your foot

Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb
Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb

Why Do My Toes Go Numb When I Wear Boots?

If you have experienced toe numbness, you will understand that it can be quite a nuisance. But what causes it and what can you do to prevent it? The most popular reason that toe numbness arises is tight footwear.

If your shoes are too tight, they will cut off the blood flow to your foot. If you have chronic toe numbness, the first thing to do is to try wearing bigger shoes. This is an easy fix and can happen without you realizing it.

If you are still experiencing toe numbness, it could be a sign of other foot issues, like arthritis. To prevent these problems, make sure that you are wearing the proper type of footwear. You should avoid wearing shoes that are too heavy or that lack support.

Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb

Make sure that your shoes are well-fitted and do not contain metal.

Do Doc Martens Hurt When You First Wear Them?

Yes. Just like any other new shoes, Doc Martens hurt when you first wear them. So, start wearing them around your house for a short period every day. The sole may also be stiff when new and the new leather will also be tight.

If you discover the boot is hurting you, take them off and take a break. Break into the Doc Marten shoes gently and with patience.


Doc Martens make my toes numb? There are several reasons why Doc Martens can make your toes numb. If you buy Doc Martens with the wrong size or you are not used to wearing boots or you have underlying health issues such as diabetes, you may experience toe numbness in Doc Martens.

However, there are many ways to correct that. Make sure to buy the correct Doc Martens shoe size and take your time to break in the boot. If you are not used to wearing shoes with high heels, take time to adapt to them slowly. You can also use a heating pad to increase blood circulation to your toes.

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