Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa Leather Compared

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

The main difference between the Dr. Martens Smooth and Nappa is that Nappa has more grain and texture, while Smooth leather has a smoother surface. Nappa is considered to be the most luxurious type of leather, while Smooth is less expensive but still has some grain and texture.

Dr. Martens Nappa and Smooth comparison has been heating up for years. Smooth is preferred over Nappa, according to some, while Nappa is preferred by others.

But which of the two is the best? What is the price of each of the boots? Are they worth the price? We will answer these questions and more in this article. Read on.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

Dr Martens Nappa And Smooth Leather Compared

Do you like the look of smooth leather but want to make sure it will last for a long time? Then these Dr. Martens Nappa or Smooth boots are the perfect solutions.

The Smooth Leather, on the other hand, is a modern take on the classic Dr. Martens. It’s a great shoe for those who want a traditional look with a modern twist. The smooth leather is made entirely of leather, making it both durable and long-lasting.

In addition, the Dr. Martens Smooth leather boot has an excellent and durable sole that provides excellent grip and traction. If you want a shoe with leather that combines comfort and style, Dr. Martens Smooth and Nappa leather may be the best option for you.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa
Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

Which Leather Is Easier To Break In?

Nappa is durable, supple, and flexible, which makes it easier to break in. Nappa boots are easier to break in than smooth because the leather is more flexible than that of smooth.

The Nappa Boot is one of the most popular shoes to wear. Most men across the globe have worn them at some point in their lives. However, like any other pair of shoes, they will not be comfortable right out of the box. It takes time to break in a pair of leather boots.

Which Leather Is Easier To Maintain?

Both leather are quality leather and are easy to maintain. However, they do have slight differences as well. These little features make both boots so popular that they are popular in the international market!

Which Leather is better for different activities?

The 1460 Nappa leather is the best—as simple as that. While both boots are versatile, Nappa is better for different activities not only because its sole is not as high as that of the smooth boots but because it is lightweight.

If you go out running, hiking, or skiing in smooth-soled boots, then you can easily suffer from pain in your ankles or knees due to the fact that they have additional weight on them. The right boot for you depends on what you do with your day.

For instance, if you spend more time walking around town or going to the gym, then get yourself some Nappa boots. If you spend most of your days in the office, then go for these smoother ones.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa
Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

What’s The Difference Between Smooth And Nappa Doc Martens?

While Nappa is made with fine-grain leather that is treated to feel supple and smooth, the Smooth leather boot is designed with smooth, shiny leather that molds to the foot with time.

Also, the leather of Nappa is flexible, making it easier to break into Nappa boots. But the Smooth boots are made with rigid and thick leather, which makes it more difficult to break into them. However, the durability of the smooth leather boots is absolutely amazing.

While the soles of the two boots are thick, the sole of the Smooth boot is thicker and adds height to you, but it sets you back with its heaviness.

Another thing is that the smooth boots cost more than the Nappa boots. And finally, Nappa offers better cushioning to provide your feet with comfort when you step out in it.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa


When it comes to making a good pair of boots, the feel and quality are essential. When selecting a pair, it is vital that you get one that fits well—and this is where the similarities between Dr. Martens Nappa and Smooth come in.

The similarities include:

  1. Durable leather: When it comes to boots, leather durability is an important factor that determines whether one should buy them or not. While the leather of the Dr. Martens Nappa boot is softer and the Dr. Martens Smooth boot is tougher, both of them are super durable.
  2. Durable Sole: The sole of these two boots is made from premium materials that deliver the exceptional durability that anyone wants in a boot.
  3. Goodyear Welt: Both Dr. Martens Nappa and Smooth are equipped with Goodyear Welt, which means the sole and upper are sewn together in a heat-sealed s-welt stitch at 700 degrees C. This makes them solid and last longer.
  4. Double and triple stitching: Double and triple stitching is a method of stitching that nicely holds your boot’s leather together for more durability.
  5. Stylish: These boots are stylish and will always make a statement about fashion whenever you slip them on. 
  6. Solid construction: The two boots are solidly constructed and the solidity is all-round.
  7. Comfortable: These boots are comfortable, especially after breaking into them. Once you break into these boots, the comfort they provide is amazing.
  8. Tag: While a tag may not be a key factor, it helps you 
  9. soleDr.in.Dr.put on these boots without much hassle.
  10. Good cushioning: sole and arch comfort is everything when it comes to boots. These two boots are well equipped with excellent cushioning that keeps your feet comfortable all the time.

Comparison Chart

Fine-grain leather is treated to feel supple and smooth.Smooth, shiny leather molds to the foot with time.
Flexible leatherRigid leather
Thick soleThicker sole
Lightweight Heavy 
It is less difficult to break in.A break-in takes time.
Better cushioningCushioning
$127.50 to $204.45$129.99 to $278.08
Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

Dr Martens Nappa Pros And Cons

DurableNot easy to put on
Soft leather.
Lightweight and breathable
Easy to break in.
waterproof and acid-proof.
the cool and not overly round form
Solid construction
Double and triple stitched
Good cushioning
Goodyear welt

Dr. Martens’ Smooth Pros And Cons

Shiny and durable leatherHeavy 
simple to keep upIt is difficult to gain entry.
The thicker, more robust sole
breathable and waterproof
Goodyear welt
excellent cushioning
Double and triple stitched
Solid construction
excellent cushioning

While both Dr. Martens Nappa and Smooth are excellent boots, Nappa is easier to break in, lighter and less expensive. If more height and durability is the spec you are after, then smooth is the right shoe for you, but you have to take your time to break into the smooth leather boot.

Also, if you love outdoor activities, you might want to go for the lighter sole of Nappa. It tends to be more versatile in outfits—probably perfect with almost all outfits—which is probably the reason more people love it.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

Which of Dr. Martens’ Nappa or Smooth Should You Buy?

This is a difficult call to make. Which do you prefer? The tough and durable Smooth or the easier to break into Nappa. Both boots are of the same quality, but if you are looking for a durable boot that is easier to break into, Nappa is just the right fit for you.

But if you are looking to add height while enjoying your boot for many years to come, you should go for Smooth.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

Is Nappa Leather Durable for Doc Martens?

Nappa leather is durable. Nappa leathers are soft and fine-grain leathers that feel smooth and supple. They are lightweight, making them comfortable from the first day of wearing them with virtually no break-in time required.

With a gorgeous vintage appearance and great features like high slip resistance and water resistance, they can be used outside when the weather is hot or chilly.

Are Dr. Martens Nappa Waterproof?

Not all Doc Martens are waterproof as they are made from leather, a naturally porous material. However, some of the boots are designed with treated leather, which makes them waterproof.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs. Nappa

Is Nappa Leather Better Than Regular Leather?

Yes, Nappa leather is better than regular leather. Nappa leather is a luxury full-grain leather that is softer and more supple than regular leather upholstery.

Nappa leather upholstery is a popular leather upholstery option because it is rich in full-grain characteristics and has a beautifully soft and smooth surface.

The leather is unaltered and does not fray; it is also more resistant to water and stains. Nappa leather is made from the finest full-grain or natural-grain hides and is a distinctive, smooth, and durable leather.

Nappa leather is often used in luxury cars, furniture, handbags, and other high-end leather goods.

Is Nap Leather Worth the Money?

Nappa leather is worth every penny. Nappa leather has a unique look and feels that is prized by many companies, and it is used in many car interiors and a few types of shoes.

The cost of Nappa leather is higher than that of many other types of leather, and it is more expensive than other types of leather that are imported. However, the look and feel of this type of leather make it worth the extra cost.

Does Nappa Leather Scratch Easily?

No, nappa leather does not scratch easily. Nappa leather is known for its luxurious and extremely soft feel. It is a type of leather that is made from the hide of the horse. It is smooth and supple to the touch, and it is water-resistant.

Nappa leather is also a type of leather that is more durable than other types of leather. It is not easily damaged or scratched and it is mildew resistant. Nappa leather is a type of leather that is durable and has a delicate touch.


We have just brought down the dust on Dr. Martens vs. Smooth debate. While these two boots are amazing, solidly built, and durable, they offer a few differences that set them apart. These few details matter when you are deciding on the right boot for you.

While Nappa leather is flexible and durable, making it easier to break in, Smooth boots are designed with thick leather that is equally durable but not like that of Nappa. If you are looking for a durable boot that is easier to break into, Nappa is your best bet, but if you are looking to add height, Smooth delivers the deal.

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