Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

The main difference between Dr. Martens Zavala and 1460 is that the sole is flat and it appears more like a sneaker than a boot. The 1460 has a large heel, giving it a more traditional boot appearance. The sneaker sole of Dr. Martens Zavala makes it more comfortable for walking around town in all weather conditions. It also shields your feet from dirt and debris.

The Dr. Martens Zavala and 1460 comparison is not new because these boots are similar in many ways. While Zavala is usually regarded as a women’s boot and is not always available, the 1460 is an iconic unisex boot that has existed for many years and is always available.

If you want to get one of these boots but wish to know more about them, this blog post will help you choose wisely.

Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

Dr. Martens Zavala And 1460 Compared

In a lot of ways, both boots are similar. If you’re a woman looking for a boot and want something limited, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Martens Zavala. However, if you’re looking for something unisex and do not want to spend too long searching for a pair, Dr. Martens 1460 would be a great choice. 

Dr. Martens boots are sturdy, durable, and comfortable shoes with distinctive yellow stitching. Dr. Martens Zavala and 1460 boots are two of the many iconic boots crafted by the Doc Martens shoe brand. 

While these two boots are similar in many ways, they have differences that separate them from each other.

Differences Between Dr. Martens Zavala And 1460?

Dr. Martens ZavalaDr. Martens 1460
FitTrue to size but may feel bigTrue to size but may feel big
PriceReasonable priceRanges from reasonable to expensive
UtilityDress Dress 
GripExcellent grip and tractionExcellent grip and traction
AvailabilityLimitedMore available in different variety
LeatherPremium leatherThick premium leather
SoleFlat sneaker-like sole Boot sole with heel
VarietyLimited optionsAvailable in different varieties
Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

Dr. Martens Zavala Shape

This boot is a casual lace-up round-toe boot crafted from leather upper. This boot is a full lace-up boot with eight metal eyelets that make it unique. The bott comes in a good quality leather upper that is supple and not hard on your feet.

The boot is equipped with a flat sole resembling a sneaker’s sole. However, the sole is thicker than the normal sneaker’s sole and made of durable rubber material. It has a collar at the back that can be used to pull the boot on and off easily.

With its double and triple stitching, you are sure of the leather’s durability. All Doc Martens shoes share the classic contrast stitching at its midsoles, and the boot has a leather and textile lining and a cushioned insole for maximum comfort while wearing the boot.

The good thing about Zavala is that it has an air-cushioned outsole. This makes the boot even more comfortable when you step out for any occasion. The boot also features the iconic Dr. Martens yellow stitching.

Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

Dr. Martens 1460 Shape

Dr. Martens 1460 boot has a premium leather upper and durable rubber sole. The boot has a round toe and is comfortable. The sole of the booth is thick and has a heel, unlike the flat sneaker-like sole of Zavala.

The boot is also a lace-up boot, with eight iron eyelets. The boot’s leather is thick and comes in different varieties, just as the boot comes in different kinds of leather. The sole is thick but not too heavy and is equipped with good tread that offers great traction.

This boot is neatly double and triple-stitched, meaning greater durability. The boot features Dr. Martens’ signature yellow stitching, and the leather and sole are held together by the Goodyear welt construction found on all Doc Martens shoes.

The insole of 1460 is nicely cushioned, and you are sure of optimal comfort whenever you have the boot on. The pull tag at the back of the boot makes it easy to pull on and off. The boot is also roomy, allowing your toes to be comfortable all day.

Dr Martens Zavala Fit

Zavala is true to size, but you may need to size down by half because Doc Martens shoes are normally roomy. You can order this shoe on websites like Amazon and other third-party websites because you will not find it on Doc’s official website. So, you could return it if you ordered the wrong size.

So, make sure to measure your size correctly. If your size in between, you should size down by half because Doc Martens shoes have no half sizes – they only come in whole sizes. If you normally order size 7.5 in sneakers, order size 7 in Dr. Martens Zavala.

Dr. Martens 1460 Fit

Dr. Martens 1460 is true to size, according to Doc Martens. However, the boot is roomy, and you may need to size it by half or a size. It is one of the Dr. Martens shoes that are very roomy. So, unlike Zavala, you may need to size up to one in this 1460.

This is it; if your size is in between, size down by half, but if your foot is narrow and your size is whole, you should size down by one. For example, if you wear size 8.5, size down to size 8, but if your foot is narrow and your size is 9, you should size down to 8.

If you have more room in your 1460, return it for better-fit shoes or get an insole and insert it inside your boot to make it fit snuggly.

Dr. Martens Zavala Boot Pros And Cons

Top-quality leather upperLimited availability
Durable sneaker-like soleIt needs a break-in time
Goodyear welt construction
Comfortable and attractive
Air cushioned sole
Classic contrast stitching
Double and triple stitching
Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

Dr. Martens 1460 Pros And Cons

Thick grain leatherCan be expensive
Goodyear welt constructionNeeds break in time
Durable sole with traction
Air cushioned insole
Oil resistant sole
Double and triple stitching
Available in different styles and leather
Perfect for different activities
True to size

Price Comparison

Dr. Martens 1460 comes in different leather types and styles, so the price ranges from affordable to expensive. So, the 1460 price can exceed $200. On the other hand, Zavala has a limited version and is hardly available. The cost can be between $80 and $200.

Which Boot Is Easier To Break In?

Zavala boot is easier to break in because the leather is not as thick as 1460.
The leather of Zavala is supple, so you can break it in like in sneakers. Zavala also has a break-in period, but it is easier to break it in than in 1460.

Which Boot Is Easier To Maintain?

Both Zavala and 1460 boots are easy to maintain. These boots are leather boots and maintaining leather boots, especially Doc Martens shoes. Dr. Martens has also produced everything you need to maintain your boots, so maintaining Doc Martens boots is easy.

Which Boot Is Better For Different Activities?

Dr. Martens 1460 boot is better for different activities. If you are looking for a boot that is excellent for different activities, 1460 is the best because it comes in different varieties. These boots are perfect for work, casual and outdoor activities.

Are Dr. Martens Zavala Worth The Money?

Yes, Dr. Martens Zavala’s boots are worth the money. The boot is made of quality leather and rubber sole. The good thing is that it is not difficult to break in. The boot is durable, comfortable and functional. This boot is worth every penny you spend.

Are Dr. Martens 1460 Worth The Money?

Though some versions of Doc Martens 1460 are a bit expensive, they are all worth the money. The boots come in premium leather upper and durable rubber sole with amazing traction. These boots have been around for many years, so you cannot go wrong with them.

Dr. Martens Zavala Vs 1460

Are The Zavala Doc Martens Real Leather?

Dr. Martens Zavala’s boot is made of real leather. However, you should be careful when buying your Zavala because the leather type may not be the same. Some leather uppers are quality while some are not good quality. So, choose wisely.

Are Zavala Doc Martens Non Slip?

Yes, Dr. Martens Zavala boots are non-slip. The boots are equipped with Doc Martens’ patented Grip Trax soles. The chunky soles give the boots a great grip and make them great for walking on slippery surfaces.

Do Dr. Martens Zavala Run Big?

Yes, Dr. Martens Zavala’s boots run big. Doc Martens Zavala boots run large like all other Doc Martens shoes. If you buy Zavala boots, you should size them by half. Though Zavala boots run big, they do not run big as Dr. Martens’ 1460.

Which Pair Of Doc Martens Are The Most Popular?

Doc Martens 1460 boots remain the most popular Doc Martens boot ever. But you have to break in 1460 to make them more comfortable. It was the first boot produced by Doc Martens so, it is the most popular boot from Doc Martens.


Regarding Dr. Martens Zavala vs. 1460, you are talking about a less available boot and a widely available boot. Dr. Martens Zavala is a boot that is not always available because it is not made in different varieties but Doc Martens 1460 boots are available in wide varieties.

While Zavala and 1460 have a lot in common, they also have features that distinguish them from each other. Dr. Martens 1460 is available in wide varieties, and you can get one anytime. However, Zavala is not always available; once it is available, it is always quickly out of stock.

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