El Dorado Boots Or Lucchese Cowboy Boots Compared

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

Lucchese boots are made in the USA, while El Dorado boots are designed in the United States. They are both considered luxury brands and have a history of being worn by celebrities like Elvis Presley and John Wayne.

Who does not love a solid pair of cowboy boots for play or work? But finding the proper cowboy boots can be a daunting task. This El Dorado boots vs. Lucchese boots debate will give you an insight into what to expect in a good cowboy boot.

In this article, you will find out which boot is best for you; between El Dorado boots and Lucchese boots, you can choose which boot is perfect for you based on honest reviews.

El Dorado Boots Or Lucchese Boots Compared

El Dorado Boots Company is the world’s most famous cowboy boot company. Most of the company’s boots are designed in the USA, but some are also produced in Mexico with a quality that matches the USA-made boots. The Lucchese boot company is older because it has been around since 1883. It has created a factory in Mexico to increase production since demand is increasing.

But which of the two is the best? Let us talk about their features.

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

El Dorado Boots Feature

  • Long-wearing leather outsoles
  •  Hand-stacked Western or stockman leather heels
  •  Smooth, caiman, ostrich-full quill, or polished leather
  •  Soft cowhide hung lining
  •  Hand-channeled leather insoles
  •   Handmade boots
  •   Welted soles
  •      Genuine leather shaft with western stitching.

Lucchese Boots Features

  • CowboyWoodland, work, polo and roper boots
  •     Round, pointed, sniped, square, and broad square toes
  •    Alligator, caiman, crocodile, lizard, ostrich, smooth, snake, and suede leather.
  •    Leather, Vibram, and Vibram lug soles
  •   All-leather stacked heels
  •   Welt
  •  Handmade boots
El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots
El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

El Dorado Boot Shape

El Dorado boots come in different toe shapes, including broad square toe, round toe, square toe, snip toe, and medium toes. The boots also come in different unique styles that you will love. From cowboy to handmade, exotic, dress, pull-on, animal print, embroidered, and stockman.

The uppers of El Dorado boots are completely made with top-quality leather that lasts for years. These uppers come in different kinds of leather, and you can choose the kind of leather you want, from smooth leather, caiman leather, and ostrich-full quill to polished leather.

El Dorado boot shafts are usually made of leather. Also, the boots are lined with soft cowhide leather that will conform to your feet and will not be harsh on your feet. The heel is rounded and will provide your heel with optimal support.

With welted soles, El Dorado boots will last for many years, and with some of the boot’s double stitching, you will surely get some durability from your boot.

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots
El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Shape

Lucchese boots are available in round toes, snip toes, pointed toes, square toes, and wide square toes. These toe shapes allow you to select what you love and the type of toe you have. These boots are so comfortable that anyone will appreciate them.

The boots are equipped with an exotic leather upper. The leather upper of these boots is high-quality, ranging from alligator leather, caiman leather, crocodile leather, lizard leather, ostrich leather, smooth leather, snake leather, and suede leather.

The heel is all-leather stacked and welted. The heel is durable and will give you some amazing duration. The boots are made with leather, Vibram, and Vibram lug soles that are comfortable on you and last longer. The footbed is also well-cushioned, so you can be comfortable wearing the boot all day.

These cowboy boots are also welted, and the Goodyear welt not only makes the boots beautiful but also makes them durable. The soles are also stitched down for more durability and comfort.

The boots are handmade, and you can order a custom-made boot based on your specifications.

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots
El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

El Dorado Boots Fit

El Dorado boots are true to size as they are available in half and whole sizes. Since cowboy boots always run bigger, you should size down by half or one.

However, there are things you should consider before sizing down. If your feet are normal without any health conditions, you can gladly size the boots by half.

If your feet have a health issue and you will be wearing thicker socks or inserting a certain type of insole in your boot because of one health issue, you may not need to size down. Also, if your feet are wide, you may want to buy your real size.

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots
El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Fit

Lucchese boots are true to size. The boots come in whole and half sizes, so you can easily pick the right size. When you pick your foot length, you will also choose the width and the kind of toe and heel you want.

The boot should fit comfortably because the leather will mold to your feet as you continue to wear it. The toes should rest comfortably on the ball while the ball of the foot should be in the widest part of the boot. The boot should be tight around the middle of your foot.

Men’s Size Conversion

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

Women’s Size Conversion

El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

El Dorado Boots Pros And Cons

Top-quality leather upperBreak-in period
Soft cowhide lining
Handmade boots
True to size.
Welted sole
Available in different colors and designs,
El Dorado Boots vs. Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Pros And Cons

“Made in the USA”Expensive
Top-quality leather upperBreak-in period
True to size.
Super soft lining
Customized boots
Goodyear welt
sole stitched to the welt
stylish and available in different colors and sizes.

Price comparison

El Dorado BootsPriceLucchese BootsPrice
250 Bullhide Nova$129.99Haan$795
250 Shoulder$129.99Randall$1,595
265 Bull Nova$129.99Sunset Roper$495
400 Crazy$129.99Cliff$795
400 Bullhide$129.99Collins,$995

What Boots Are Comparable To Lucchese?

Lucchese boots are a high-end luxury brand that is known for its quality craftsmanship and unique designs. The price point is also quite expensive, which makes them hard to find in stores. Here are some of the boots comparable to Lucchese:

  • Ariat boots
  • Tecovas
  • Justin boots
  • Rios of Mercedes boots
  • Tony Lama boots
  • Frye boots

What Brand Of Boots Do Real Cowboys Wear?

Cowboy boots are a staple for anyone who wants to look like they fit in with the cowboy lifestyle. They are comfortable, durable, and versatile. There are many brands of cowboy boots out there, but it is important to know the brand of cowboy boots that real cowboys wear. Here they are.

  • Lucchese
  • Abilene boots
  • Anderson Bean
  • Caboots
  • Chisos
  • Tony Lama boots
  • Ariat
  • Roper


El Dorado boots vs. Lucchese boots? These two companies make amazing boots. They make top-quality boots that are also stylish and designed to last for many years. If you are looking for the best cowboy or western boots, you can check both El Dorado boots and Lucchese boots out.

While El Dorado boots are inexpensive, Lucchese boots are a bit pricey, but they always deliver what you want. If you are looking for top-quality cowboy or western boots, you will want to go with Lucchese boots because they produce the best boots in the boot industry.

El Dorado is your go-to if you are looking for inexpensive boots with amazing durability and comfort. Both boot brands are worth every penny you pay for them.

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