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The timeframe for shoes to sell out on SNKRS is often challenging to determine. Sometimes, they sell out instantaneously, while other times, it may take hours. Rarely does a Nike shoe released on SNKRS stay available for more than a day or two. Various factors, including customer appeal and shoe size, contribute to the fast-selling nature of shoes.

As an enthusiastic Nike follower, I have kept tabs on the SNKRS app and tried to buy shoes many times but not successful. Well, I achieved success a couple of times, but that was after I discovered how the app works and how quickly new releases sell out. In the last two years, I have been able to beat a lot of other users to new Nike releases, and I want to share my findings on how fast shoes sell out on SNKRS. 

If you love Nike and would like to beat the rush to get shoes on SNKRS, or you are just looking for information about how fast shoes generally sell out on SNKRS, this post will provide the information you need. 

5 Reasons Sneakers Sell Out Fast on SNKRS?

The following are some of the reasons Nike’s releases on the SNKRS app sell out fast:

Limited Quantities

Shoes released on SNKRS are often produced in limited quantities, which contributes significantly to their fast sell-out as there are more buyers than available pairs. The limited quantities create a sense of exclusivity and drive up demand. This makes the sneakers posted on SNKRS sell out quickly. 

High Demand for Some Shoe Sizes

Certain shoe sizes are quite popular among Nike lovers. Standard men’s sizes and smaller shoe sizes are in high demand and tend to sell out almost instantly. Customers who wear shoe sizes between 7 – 12 have to act swiftly during releases to secure their desired pair, as the limited quantities and high demand to make sneakers on the app sell out fast. 

Popularity of Designs and Collaborations 

Another thing that fuels the demand for the sneakers released on SNKRS includes the popularity of certain designs, collaborations, or limited-edition releases. The overall hype and anticipation surrounding these shoes create a sense of urgency among sneaker enthusiasts, leading to a surge in demand and faster sell-outs.


Automated programs, commonly called bots, have become a significant concern in the sneaker industry, giving certain individuals an unfair advantage in purchasing highly sought-after sneakers. These bots are designed to swiftly navigate e-commerce platforms, such as SNKRS, add desirable shoes to the cart, and complete the checkout process much faster than manual efforts.

Bots operate by leveraging advanced algorithms and automation techniques to mimic human behavior while surpassing the speed and efficiency of regular users. They can monitor release times, instantly detect when a new shoe becomes available, and rapidly add multiple pairs to the cart within seconds of the release. This enables bot users to secure their desired sneakers before most genuine customers can access the website or app.


Scalpers are another factor that contributes to how fast shoes sell out on SNKRS. What are scalpers? They are resellers who aim to profit from limited shoes posted on SNKRS. These guys purchase multiple pairs and resell them at inflated prices, exacerbating the competition and making sell-outs even quicker.

Nobody wants to miss the opportunity of getting a release on SNKRS, so people use several strategies to get their hands on those sneakers releases. I am going to show you how I was able to make a couple of purchases off the SNKRS app. 

How to Get Shoes Off SNKRS Fast

You can get shoes quickly as they are released on the SNKRS app. To do this, you’ll need to:

Enable Notifications 

The best way to know when sneakers get released on the SNKRS app is to enable notifications on the app. By enabling notifications, you get informed once a sneaker is released. Notifications from the app also let you know what kind of shoe will be released, the day, and the time it will be released. 

Plan Ahead

If you want to be a step ahead of the other customers who want to get their hands on SNKRS releases, you’d need to plan. Have a buying strategy. Here’s what I do: I identify the sneaker I’d like to get, then find out the release time for the shoe, and finally, prepare to purchase once the shoe goes live. 

The plan often involves setting a reminder while also ensuring I have made the required settings, like selecting my shoe size or color before now. Adding my preferred card is also part of the plan, so I don’t have to start entering my card details again when the shoe is released. 

Participate in Drawings on the App

On the Nike SNKRS app, there is something called “Drawings.” The drawings are a way to help lucky users reserve a limited-edition, in-demand sneaker. It works like a raffle draw, and if you are lucky, Nike will email you purchase information and order confirmations within 24 hours. This is a unique way to get any of the SNKRS app’s releases without joining in a hurry. 

How to Get Into the Nike SNKRS Drawings?

The steps below explain how to get into a Nike SNKRS Drawing:

  1. When a drawing is live, the official @nikestore Twitter account will tweet a direct link to the shoes featured on Nike SNKRS. In addition, SNKRS App users who have opted to receive notifications will also receive a mobile alert.
  2. Once you come across the tweet or receive the notification, simply click on it to gain access to the drawing. If you haven’t already signed in to your Nike Member profile, make sure to do so before proceeding with your participation.
  3. Keep in mind that there is a limited time frame during which you can join the drawing and a countdown clock will be prominently displayed to indicate the remaining time available.
  4. Choose the specific shoe or shoes you desire and select your preferred size. It’s important to note that in order to participate, you will be required to provide a payment method for pre-authorization purposes. Rest assured, your payment will only be charged if you are fortunate enough to be selected in the drawing.
  5. Once the drawing period ends, as indicated by the countdown clock, Nike will promptly send out email notifications containing purchase details and order confirmations to the lucky participants within a maximum of 24 hours. 

If you are not selected, Nike will notify you accordingly and encourage you to try your luck again in future drawings.


Do You Get Your Money Back if You Lose a Draw on SNKRS?

Yes. You will get your money back if you are not selected as one of the lucky winners of a SNKRS draw. Your account is only charged for a Nike SNKRS draw if you are among the selected winners. Only qualifying raffles are charged. 

How Do You Know If You Win a SNKRS Raffle?

You will be notified via email that you have won an SNKRS raffle. The email will be from Nike, containing details such as order confirmation and purchase information. You will be alerted 24 hours after the SNKRS raffle draw if you are among the winners. 

How Many People Have the Nike SNKRS App?

Over 40 million people are using the Nike SNKRS app. According to Nike, the app records over 300,000 daily users, which gets outrageously high on launch days. 


The combination of limited availability, scalpers looking to resell, bot automation, and high demand make shoes on the SNKRS app sell out faster. However, enabling notifications, planning ahead, and participating in draws can improve your chances of getting one of the SNKRS app’s releases. I wish you good luck in your attempt. Xoxo. 

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