How To Stop Docs From Squeaking

How To Stop Docs From Squeaking

The most common reason why your Doc Martens squeak is moisture. The leather in your boots will expand when it is wet, and this can cause the sole to rub against the shoe’s upper. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that you always wear your boots after they are dry and clean.

You should also avoid wearing them in damp conditions, as this could be a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause an infection.

Squeaky Doc Martens shoes can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Your Docs are squeaking for a variety of reasons. Excessive sweat and moisture can cause your dock to squeak, but solutions exist.

In this article, I will help you find the ideal solution for your squeaking Doc Martens or any shoe. This blog covers everything from why your shoes are squeaky to how to stop squeaking in your Docs.

Why Are Your Doc Martens So Squeaky When You Walk?

If your shoes are noisy, here are the possible reasons why the shoes are making embarrassing noise:

  1. The shoe has yet to break in.
  2. Water has become trapped in the shoe.
  3. The shoes’ heels are sloppy.
  4. a lot of adhesives in the production
  5. Perspiration
  6. Excessive humidity

1. The Shoe Is Yet To Be Broken In

Sometimes, when the shoe is not broken in, you may hear a strange noise coming out of the shoe. So, it would help if you broke into your shoe correctly to avoid any noise from the shoe.

2. Water Is Trapped In The Shoe

If you leave your shoe in water or it rained the last time you wore it and did not dry it correctly, your shoe may be squeaking. This is why it is essential to dry your shoe correctly whenever it is wet before you store it.

Not only can water damage your leather shoe if not appropriately dried, but it also causes your shoe to crack in the long run.

3. The Heels Of The Shoes Are Loose

 One of the things you should check when you buy your new heel shoes is to check the heel if it is not faulty. You should return it immediately if it is faulty and get a new replacement. Open heels can cause your shoe to squeak.

Not only is the squeaking noise from the heels of your shoes embarrassing, but it can also cause injury if not taken care of quickly.

4. Additional Amount Of Adhesive

The additional adhesive in shoes is always the fault of the manufacturing companies. It is the result of inadequate shoe company monitoring. Your shoes may squeak as a result of this issue. If this is the case, you should either fix it or return the shoe.

5. Perspiration

Sweat can be another cause of squeaky shoes. If a significant amount of sweat is stored in your shoe due to sweating, it can cause your shoe to squeak.

6. Excessive Moisture

If your shoe is licking and has gathered excessive moisture from rain and water, it can start squeaking.

How To Stop Docs From Squeaking

How To Stop Docs From Squeaking?

To stop your Docs from squeaking, you should find the real cause. Scrutinize your shoe to know the cause or causes of the noise. To find the causes, listen to where the sound is coming from.

If you cannot find the cause of the noise coming out of your shoes, there are ways you can quickly stop your shoes from squeaking. So, Here are the best ways to stop your shoes from squeaking:

  1. Baby powder
  2. Work on the loose heel
  3. Petroleum jelly
  4. Dryer sheet
  5. Break into the shoe
  6. Scuff off the bottom
  7. Change your shoelaces

1. Baby Powder

The most annoying sound in the world is the sound of your shoes squeaking. It can get so bad that you want to ditch the shoes, even if they are your favorite ones. Your shoes are more likely to squeak when they are wet, and they are more likely to squeak when they are new.

If your shoes squeak, sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on the inner sole, which should do the trick. The moisture-wicking ability of baby powder will help soothe the shoe and keep it from squeaking again. This method works best if you can remove your shoe’s insole.

Take out the insole and sprinkle the powder on the shoe. If you cannot remove the insole, sprinkle the powder inside and shake the shoe to make the powder get under the insole. That should wick out water and stop the squeak.

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2. Work On The Loose Heel

If you find out that the heel of your shoe is the culprit, you may need to find a way to hold the heel together with the sole. Using some shoe glue is the best way to hold the heel tightly to the upper. Apply the glue to the seam of the shoe and around the heel.

After applying the glue, you need to hold the heel and the upper together with a clamp to make them stick together. If you have no clamp, you can use your hands to press the heel and upper together firmly.

If unsure how to do this, you can take it to a cobbler to avoid stress.

3. Petroleum Jelly

If you have been wearing Doc Martens shoes for a long time, the insole may be worn down and no longer smooth against the outsole. If this is the case, you can use petroleum jelly inside the insole to make it smoother again.

4. Dryer Sheet

You may have tried using inserts to reduce the squeaking noise in your shoes, but the squeaking will not go away. If you do not want to get rid of your expensive shoes, your best option may be to use a dryer sheet.

Place a dryer sheet under the footbed of your shoes. This will create a buffer so the squeaking noise is stopped. If the squeaking still gets too loud, remove the dryer sheet and try adding a new one.


5. Break In The Shoe

Sometimes, a new shoe may be squeaking because you have not broken into it. The best thing to do is break into the shoe, and the noise should stop.

6. Scuff Off The Bottom

We all have experienced this. You walk into a meeting or classroom, and everyone can hear your shoes squeaking on the floor. It isn’t very comfortable and can be very distracting.

But now, you can stop this annoying sound by scuffing off the bottom of your shoes with a piece of sandpaper or a file. This is a straightforward technique that requires little time or money. All you need is sandpaper or a file; your shoes will go from squeaky to silent in seconds.

7. Change Your Shoe Laces

Your shoelaces can cause noise; this is common in new shoes but also happens in old shoes. You can change the laces of your shoes to stop this. It is better to get thinner laces in this case if you want to stop the noise completely.


Why Do My Docs Squeak On Tile?

There are a few reasons your shoes squeak on a tile floor. One of the most common reasons is that the floor is smooth, polished, or rubberized. This means that when you place your shoe down on the floor, it will cause friction. If your shoes have a rubber sole, they will make the same squeaking noise.

How Long Does It Take For Doc Martens To Stop Squeaking?

When it comes to new Doc Martens, you should expect some squeaking, but this should lessen within a few weeks. If you are buying a pair of Docs for a special occasion, you may want to consider buying them a little early; that way, you can wear them to the event without causing any unwanted noise.

One way to get the squeaking out of your Docs is to buy a pair of insoles. If the insole is the problem, a new pair of insoles that fit into your shoe can help to reduce the noise. You may also want to try different insoles or take time to break into the shoe if your Docs keep squeaking.

If you buy new Doc Martens, you must first break them in. The break-in process may take up to a month or more. During the break-in period, the squeaking should stop.


How Do You Make Fake Leather Less Squeaky?

You can make fake leather less squeaky by sprinkling powder on the shoe. You should sprinkle the powder, whether talcum powder or baby powder, on the shoe and wipe it with a wet cloth after a few minutes.

How Do I Stop My Doc Martens From Squeaking On The Floor?

The problem of squeaking Doc Martens is an issue that many people face. It is not a huge problem, but it cannot be enjoyable. This is because the soles are made from rubber, making them squeak when walking on particular floors.

There are a few different things you can try to stop your Doc Martens from squeaking:

  • Spray some silicone spray on your shoes: This will help to stop them from making any sound as they rub against each other while walking.
  • Apply some talcum powder to your shoes: This will also help to reduce the noise they make as they rub against each other.
  • Scuff the outsole: If the shoe is making noise when it contacts the floor, you should scuff the outsole with sandpaper.

How Do I Stop My Vegan Shoes From Squeaking?

Vegan shoes are natural and made of sustainable and ethical materials. However, your vegan shoes might be making some noise. You can do a few things to make your vegan shoes not squeak.

One thing is to sprinkle baby powder or baking powder on the squeaking area. The powder will help you to absorb moisture and prevent moisture from the shoe from being able to get between the two parts of the shoe that are rubbing.


If your Dr. Martens boots are squeaking, you might wonder what to do and search for how to stop Docs from squeaking. There are a few different reasons why Dr. Martens may be squeaking, but there are some easy ways to fix it.

You can spray baby powder or baking powder on the shoes and wipe them with a cloth or a damp cloth. Squeaking is not harmful but can be embarrassing. If it happens to you, you should fix it quickly.

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