Why is the Converse logo on the inside?

Why is the Converse logo on the inside

Because “converse” means “inverse or reverse,” the logo on a pair of Converse sneakers has always been on the inside since the company’s inception, so they put the logo on the inside as a stylish design theme to highlight its athletic roots.

Another reason the Converse logo is on the inside is to differentiate between the original Chuck Taylors and fakes and create a unique and stylish design for their customers.

Next time you put on a pair of Converse, know that you are wearing a fantastic work of art with a lot of thought put into the design and construction.

This guide will answer questions and give you facts about the methods of Converse All-Stars Chuck Taylors; keep reading.

Is the Converse logo supposed to be on the inside?

According to the company, the Converse Chuck Taylor logo has always been on the inside. Their logo has always been on the inside of the eyelet, but many knock-offs that couldn’t replicate this put the logo on the outside and flooded the market with fakes.

There is a raging debate between the older and younger generations of Converse customers about how long the Converse logo has been on the inside. While older customers remember that in the 60s, the logo was on the outside, younger users from the last 15 to 20 years have always known the logo to be on the inside. 

Next time you see a Chuck Taylor with the logo on the outside, be sure it’s a knock-off and stay away from it.

Why is the Converse logo on the inside

When did Converse put the logo on the inside?

Since 1917, when the first Converse was made, Converse logos have always been on the inside of the ankle. The original all-star basketball shoes made in the 1920s had their logos on the inside of the ankle for the high-top models.

The Converse logo offers a straightforward layout that has proven efficient. The color black symbolizes quality, refinement, and integrity. The color white represents purity and allure.

What does the Converse logo mean?

The five-pointed star represents the company’s reputation for quality and highlights its athletic roots. The wordmark is simple and elegant, reflecting the company’s philosophy that less is more regarding design.

The Converse logo has evolved, but it is still recognizable today as a symbol of the brand. 

The iconic five-point star has been a symbol of excellence and high quality since Converse first used it in the early 1900s. The star also symbolizes friendship, playfulness, and friendliness, reflecting the brand’s character and products.

Why is the Converse logo on the inside

Is My Converse Fake If The Logo Is On The Inside?

 The Converse logo is on the inside of the shoe, and it’s not fake. The reason it’s there is that they wanted to give people the impression that their shoes were handmade and unique, something that could not be replicated.

The logo has been on this shoe style since 1917, when Converse started making them in New Haven, Connecticut.

Why is the Converse logo on the inside
Why is the Converse logo on the inside

Original Converse vs Fake Converse Comparism Chat

Original ConverseFake Converse
#1The clear and High-quality Logo with a highly distinct blue color on the star with Chuck Taylor’s signature.Fakes try to replicate the original Chuck Taylor star and signature, but it often comes out patchy with roughness on edge.
#2Authentic Converse will have matching serial numbers on the box and sneakers.Fakes often have mismatched serial numbers, with different serial numbers on the pack than the ones on the pair of sneakers.
#3High-quality all-star logo printed on the tongue of the shoe, with even and well-made stitches on the edge of the tongue.Fakes will mostly have blurred logos printed on the tongue with uneven and loose stitching around them.
#4The words “Converse” will be printed sharp and plain in the insole.The insole print will mostly have rough edges. And a close inspection will show a very shoddy paint job.
#5The pinstripe is straight and has no rough edges. The color is sharp and will not look faded.Fakes find it difficult to get the pinstripe right. It will be rough on the edges, and the color will look faded and not uniform.
#6Buy from authenticated dealers or directly from Converse.An unauthenticated dealer will most likely have fake pairs of Converse.
#7Standard all-stars sell for between $50 – $100, depending on the style.If the price is meager, then it’s most likely a fake.
#8All pairs of original Converse have the word “ Converse All-star” on the bottom.It’s a fake if “Converse All Star” is not written on the bottom.
Converse Low-tops do not have a star logo on the side.
Fake Low-tops have a star logo on the side.
#10Most of the original Converse are made in Vietnam. A lot of the fakes on the market are made in China.
#11The Chuck Taylor patch should be navy blue and not any other shade of blue.It might be blue, but not the original Chuck Taylor navy blue.
Why is the Converse logo on the inside


In conclusion, the Converse logo is on the inside of the shoe because they are trying to tell you something. The letters C and V represent “contradiction” and “victory.” If you look closely at the shoe, you will notice many intricate details in the design. This is what helps give it extra strength and durability.

In addition, when you look at the bottom of the shoe, you will see that it has two holes for your toes. This helps keep your feet from slipping out when running or walking on uneven surfaces such as rocks or sand along beaches.

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