New Balance 574 Vs. 990

New Balance 574 Vs. 990

The most notable difference between the New Balance 574 and 990 sneakers is their purpose and design. The 574 boasts a classic, retro style with lightweight comfort, perfect for everyday wear. In contrast, the 990 offers premium materials, enhanced cushioning, and support, making it ideal for running and athletic pursuits, albeit at a higher price point.

The 574 is a lightweight running shoe that is comfortable on all surfaces. It looks good and has a lower profile, which means it doesn’t have as much cushioning as the 990. The 990 is a more supportive running shoe meant to be worn for longer distances and on rougher surfaces.

So, which of the 574 and 990 is the best? In this article, you will learn everything you need about the New Balance 574 and 990 to make an informed buying decision. Read on.

New Balance 574 Vs. 990

New Balance 574 Or 990 Compared

Here is a table comparing the two sneakers:

FeatureNew Balance 574New Balance 990
MaterialsSuede, mesh, and leatherSuede, mesh, leather, ENCAP midsole
PurposeEveryday wear, athletic activitiesRunning, athletic activities

The New Balance 990 is an updated version of the 574 with more cushioning on the heel, providing more runner stability. It also features a wide toe box to accommodate wider feet better than its predecessor.

The 990 has a higher profile, meaning it has more cushioning than the 574. The New Balance 574 and the New Balance 990 are two different running shoes from the same company but have some significant differences.

New Balance 574 Vs. 990


Here are the similarities:

  • They have the same shape: These shoes have the same shape that makes them iconic
  • Suede leather: Both 574 and 990 are made with a suede upper and breathable mesh fabric
  • Insole: The two sneakers have insoles. Though the insole of 990 is better in all ramifications, the 574 also has a good insole that supports your feet.
  • Long tongue: These two sneakers feature long tongues that make them comfortable when you wear them. However, the 990’s tongue is superior to the 574’s.

New Balance 574 Pros And Cons

Double stitchingInsole cushioning is not up to par
VersatileRuns small
DurableLess breathability
Extra insole
great support
It pairs well with different outfits.

New Balance 990 Pros And Cons

comfortableNeeds more colorway
Well designed
“Made in the USA”
No break-in period is needed.
Wide foot friendly
better feels when running.
True to size.
It offers multiple dimensions, including comprehensive options.
ENCAP midsole
excellent cushioning
Extra removable insoles

Comparison Chart

The New Balance 574 and 990 are both iconic, but they have some differences. Here is the New Balance 574 vs. 990 comparison chart.

New Balance 574New Balance 990
Not made in the USAMade In the United States
Good shoelaceBetter Laces
Synthetic mesh materials with a sportier lookCotton mesh gives it a more casual look
Good cushioningBetter cushioning 
Good suede leather upperbetter suede quality that is super soft.
The logo is not reflected on the back.The logo is reflected on the back.
Double stitchingSingle stitching
moderately pricedExpensive 
Less breathabilityBetter breathability
not perfect for wider feet.ideal for wider feet.
Runs smallDoes not run small
Low profile sneakerHigh profile sneaker
Removable insoleBetter removable insole
It pairs easily with different outfits.Pairs with some outfits 


While the New Balance 990 costs $184.99 on the New Balance official website, the New Balance 574 costs $84.99. It means that if you buy 990, you will be paying an extra $100. Fortunately, 990 is worth every penny you are paying for it.

You will pay $84.99 on Amazon for 574, while 990 will set you back by $174.98 to $367.44. However, with Amazon, you can return your items for free if you do not like them.


New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 typically fits true to size. However, some people find that they run a little bit small. This is because the 574 has a narrow last, which is the shape of the shoe’s interior. If you have wide feet, you may want to size up.

The 574 has a good amount of arch support and cushioning. The OrthoLite insole, which is removable, provides arch support. The EVA midsole provides the cushioning.

The 574 is a comfortable sneaker that is good for everyday wear. It is also a good choice for light walking and running.

New Balance 990

The New Balance 990 also typically fits true to size. However, some people find that they run a little bit big. This is because the 990 has a wider last than the 574. If you have narrow feet, you may want to size down.

The 990 has more cushioning than the 574. This is because it has a dual-density midsole, meaning two different layers of foam are in the midsole. The outer layer is softer and provides more cushioning, while the inner layer is stiffer and provides more support.

The 990 is a comfortable sneaker that is good for everyday wear. It is also a good choice for running and other athletic activities.

My verdict

The New Balance 990 was the first shoe to feature an ENCAP midsole cushioning system. It is one of the most popular and famous running shoes in history. The 574, on the other hand, is a casual shoe with a cushioned footbed and rubber outsole.

You should consider many things when buying a new pair of shoes. You should consider the style, color, material, and how they will look with your outfit. There are also a few things that you should keep in mind to ensure that the shoe is comfortable and durable for a long time.

When it comes to choosing between these two sneakers, it really depends on what you need them for. If you want a casual shoe to wear with jeans or sweatpants, then the 574 would be perfect for you.

If you are looking for a running shoe that will give your feet extra support, then the 990 would be better suited for your needs.

Another thing to think about is the width of your feet. You will want to buy the 574 or narrow 990 if you have narrow feet. If you are after better arch support, you’ll want to buy the 990 because it offers better support.

If you are looking for better-quality sneakers, the 990 is the best choice among the two, but buying a 990 may mean paying $100 extra. 


Why Is New Balance 574 Popular?

The 574 is one of the most iconic models of New Balance shoes. It was the first model New Balance designed with a lower entry point, making their shoes more accessible and attracting a wider range of consumers.

What Is The Difference Between The New Balance 574 And 574V2?

The 574v2 has only a few differences from the 574. However, the v2 is a little more lightweight. The padded tongue in the 574 is substituted with a mesh version in the 574v2 that complements its clean Summer Fog colorway.

The New Balance 574 is one of the company’s classic models. It’s a great sneaker for people just starting out, and because it’s light, breathable, and comfortable, it’s great for any occasion.

Is the New Balance 990 a good walking shoe?

The New Balance 990 is a good walking shoe. It is great for post-run recovery because it is lightweight, has a wider toe box, and is not as narrow as other shoes. The New Balance 990 is a good shoe for people who want a light shoe that will not burden their feet.

While you can also run in the 990s if you are careful, as they have more cushioning, it is good for people who do not plan on running in them. For example, people want to wear them while walking but not running.

Is the New Balance 990 a stability shoe?

If you are a runner and want to run with medium arches, you may want to consider the New Balance 990. It is a stable running shoe designed for runners with medium arches.

The New Balance 990 offers Max Cushioning, which provides plenty of cushioning for everyday running and training.

Is the New Balance 990 comfortable?

Yes, the New Balance 990 is comfortable. The New Balance 990 is an athletic shoe that can be worn for any occasion. The shoe is a bit large, but it is well-made and comfy. The mesh and the pigskin give a soft comfort to your feet.

The shoe is a bit wide, so it is not the best for people with narrow feet. Lastly, the shoes are a little bit expensive for people on a budget.


Regarding New Balance 574 vs. 990, there are a few things to debate. While both sneakers offer a few similarities, they have numerous distinguishing features. For instance, the 990 is more durable and popular because it is made in the USA.

In all ramifications, except the double stitching in 574 that is not in 990, the 990 is the better sneaker. It is more comfortable, has better cushioning, is more durable, and is made with better upper details. If you want to buy the best of the two sneakers, go for the 990, but you must pay $100 more. If you are on a budget and have narrow feet, 574 is your go-to. 990 is also better for both wide and narrow feet.

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