Sketcher Vs Hey Dudes

Sketcher shoes are known for their massage fit and support for the arch, while Hey Dudes shoes are known for helping people with plantar fasciitis because they use Flex and Fold technology. So, Sketchers and Hey Dudes make shoes for people who want to wear shoes that are comfortable.

When it comes to comfortable shoes, It’s not hard to see why these two shoes are frequently compared. Because both brands are vying for the same customers, competition between the two is fierce.

If you’re looking for comfortable shoes and can’t decide between Hey Dudes and Sketchers, this is the right blog post you need to read. We will uncover everything you need to know about Sketchers and Hey Dudes and help you make an informed decision.

Sketchers And Hey Dudes Shoes Compared

When it comes to comfortable shoes for people with foot problems, Sketcher shoes, and Hey Dudes shoes are two of the most popular brands in the shoe industry. Both brands target the same customer, making it difficult to determine which is superior.

Skechers and Hey Dudes shoes both fall into the category of athletic shoes. They are designed for running, walking, and other physical activities.

Sketchers are high-end designer shoes for women and children. They cost more than Hey Dudes Shoes because they provide both comfort and style.

Hey Dudes shoes are low-cost, casual sneakers for men, women, and children. They are less expensive but provide the same level of quality as Sketchers Shoes.

Because they are so comfortable, both Hey Dudes and Sketcher shoes are very popular. Even though the quality of these shoes varies, Hey Dudes shoes are still a better choice for comfort and style.

Hey Dudes shoes are more durable than Sketcher shoes, which is a desirable feature in shoes. This is because Hey Dudes are made of high-quality fabrics, which make them sturdier and more durable.

Sketcher Vs Hey Dudes

Difference Between Hey Dude and Skechers?

SketcherHey Dudes
Upper MaterialLeather and Mesh upperFabric upper
InsoleMemory FoamLeather-lined memory foam
ComfortComfortable for everyone who loves easy-to-break-in and thin interior shoesComfortable for everyone and people with plantar fasciitis and those in need of arch support
SizingTrue to size and available for men and womenTrue to size and available for men and women
CostAffordable to expensiveAffordable
VarietyAvailable in different varietiesAvailable in different varieties
DurabilityDurableMore durable
AvailabilityEasily availableEasily available
Sketcher Vs Hey Dudes

Skechers Pros And Cons

Top-quality leather and mesh upperExpensive
Well-cushioned sole for maximum comfortToo many complaints and negative reviews by customers
Comfortable rubber outsoleLess durable
True to size
Different varieties
Sketcher Vs Hey Dudes

Hey Dudes Pros And Cons

Quality fabric upperNot available in half sizes
Well-cushioned insole with memory foam
High-quality rubber sole
Excellent designs
Available in many colors
Durable and comfortable
Plantar fasciitis and arch support
Great reviews from customers

Sketcher Fit

Skechers shoes run true to size, and the sizes are accurate. The shoe company offers a wide range of footwear for people of all shapes and sizes. In addition, The sizing is generous, from 3.5 to 16 for men and 5 to 13 for women.

The sizes are available in half and whole sizes, so everyone should find their sizes easily. Considering that the sizing is generous, you should be able to find your size, no matter how long or big your feet are.

Hey Dudes Fit

Hey Dudes shoes run true to size. The company offers a size conversion chart on its website, and they guarantee that you will get the right shoe size if you follow it correctly. The shoes are available for everyone in different sizes.

Unfortunately, Hey Dudes are not available in half sizes, so if your size is in between, you need to size down by half. The sizing range of these shoes is between 5 and 11 for women and 6 to 12 for men.

However, you should check the sizing instruction before you buy because, Hey Dudes shoes can run big or small at times.

Sketcher Vs Hey Dudes

Price Comparison

Skechers shoes for women range in price from $45 to $200, while men’s shoes range in price from $27.99 to $200. Hey Dudes on the other hand cost $31.95 to $79.95 for women and $34.95 to $89.95 for men.

You would think that Skechers are more durable because they are more expensive but that is not true. Hey Dudes shoes last far longer than Skechers. You will discover too many unhappy customers if you search online for Skechers reviews.

Sketcher Vs Hey Dudes

Which Shoe Is Easier To Break In?

Hey Dudes shoes are easier to break in than Skechers because Hey Dudes are made with fabric upper that is comfortable and can be worn comfortably out of the box. The sole of Hey Dudes shoes is also comfortable and offers your feet optimum support.

Which Shoe Is Good For Different Activities

Both shoes are perfect for different activities. Hey, Dudes and Skechers make different shoes that are perfect for different occasions. From slip-on to sneakers, sandals, and boots, these two brands produce shoes for different activities.

Is Hey Dudes Worth The Money?

Yes, Hey Dudes shoes are worth the money. These shoes are comfortable, less expensive, and durable. Everything about Hey Dudes is comfort. The shoe also lasts for years with proper care. Hey Dude is the real deal if you are looking for a comfortable shoe that supports your arch and prevents plantar fasciitis.

Is Skechers Worth The Money?

While Skechers shoes are pricey, they are comfortable and provide foot health support. The shoes are excellently cushioned to provide your feet with optimum cushioning. These shoes are also made with breathable upper materials, so your feet will always be fresh and dry.


What Are Hey Dudes Made Out Of?

Hey Dudes is a shoe company that has made an effort to reduce its environmental impact by giving back to the planet. The shoe upper is made of fabric, and the sole is made of PET fiber. The company has designed the ultimate in eco-friendly and comfortable shoes.

They have also made an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. To do this, they have designed a shoe that is made from recycled PET fibers made from plastic water bottles. These recycled PET fibers are soft and durable.

Are Hey Dudes Comfortable To Wear All Day?

Hey Dudes shoes are comfortable to wear all day because the shoes are well-cushioned and made with a breathable upper. You can wear Hey Dudes shoes all day without feeling any discomfort because the shoes are designed to support your feet.

Hey, dudes, shoes are also stylish, comfortable, and durable. They are built to last and can withstand the daily grind. The shoes are made of high-quality leather that is soft to the touch and provides a good grip on the ground.


The debate between Sketchers and Hey Dudes will continue because the two brands target the same customers. The interesting thing is that Crocs has acquired Hey Dudes and you know that Crocs is also a company that is enthusiastic about producing feet-supportive shoes.

While Skechers shoes are expensive with questionable durability and many unhappy customers, Hey Dudes shoes are under $90 and offer more comfort and durability. Your choice will depend on what you want, but Hey Dudes shoe is clearly the winner here.

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