What Do Fake Crocs Look Like

What Do Fake Crocs Look Like

There are a few things you should look out for to spot fake crocs. The original Crocs have a logo on the strap toggle, while the fake crocs have none. The original crocs are also made of great quality Croslite material, while the fake crocs are made of poor quality thin lining materials.

Nowadays, it seems fake crocs have flooded the market, which makes it a little difficult to buy the original crocs that everyone loves. So, what do fake crocs look like? There are many ways to spot fake crocs without much hassle, and anyone can spot fake crocs with the right information.

There are many ways to spot fake crocs, and if you continue reading this blog post, we will show you the easiest ways to spot fake crocs so that you can avoid buying poor-quality crocs.

What Do Fake Crocs Look Like?

How to spot Fake Crocs

Fake Crocs are a type of shoe designed to look like the original Crocs. They are usually made of poor-quality rubber materials.

Fake Crocs have been around for a long time, but people still wonder what they look like. They have been created to look just like the original Crocs, but they are not identical. Fake Crocs can be found in many different colors and styles, just like the original, and they can also come in many different shapes.

While Crocs are good shoes, especially for summer, it is important to be able to distinguish between the original crocs and fake crocs. Fake crocs cannot support your feet because they are not made with the same materials as the original crocs.

Here are the best ways to quickly distinguish between the original crocs and fake crocs:

1. Look Out For The Logo

Fake Crocs Logo

\The first way to spot fake crocs is to check the logo. Crocs always have the logo at the base of the shoe’s strap. The logo is designed in white color and placed on a black background. Crocodile is the logo of crocs, and you should look out for two eyes, hands, 6 bumps, and three fingers.

All the logo mentioned above features cannot be found in fake Crocs, so you should always look out for them. Also, there is a logo on the strap toggle of the original Crocs shoes. There is no logo on the strap toggle of the fake Crocs.

2. Materials

Original Crocs are made of high-quality materials. They are made of a material called Croslite. This material is soft and offers your feet some support for optimum comfort. Fake Crocs are not made with Croslite. Fake crocs are made with plastic, and you can quickly notice that because once you unbox them, the odor of plastic welcomes you.

 To confirm the material’s quality, you can bend the shoe, and you will notice that original Crocs are more flexible and easier to bend than fake Crocs. Original crocs do not smell like plastic because they are not made from plastic materials.

3. Check The Outsole

Fake Crocs doesn’t have any details on the Outsole

The original Crocs come with details you can find on the outsole. When you check the shank area of the shoe, the Crocs brand name is on it with the small TM. You will also find the sizing details in the same area under the brand name.

Also, there is the origin of the crocs on one side of the shank: Boulder, Colorado. Original Crocs also have the website URL stamped on the other side of the shank on the outsole. Just check for these details.

Fake crocs do not have all these details. So, you can easily use this technique to spot fake Crocs and avoid buying poor-quality shoes.

4. Sole Treading

Fake Crocs without Leaf Vein

People making fake Crocs were close to perfecting the treading on their fake Crocs’ outsoles. The treading almost looks the same, but they are different if you take the time to study the treading on the outsole of each shoe very well.

The sole tread pattern is a leaf vein pattern. The leaf vein treading shape can be found on both original and fake Crocs, but the one on the original Crocs resembles the leaf veins perfectly. The tread on the original Crocs is also chunkier than on the fake ones.

5. The Feel

Since the original Crocs are made with top-quality material called Croslite, the shoe feels more comfortable on your feet. The shoe is well cushioned to provide comfort even if you stand in it all day. Real crocs are also extremely lightweight because the material is exceptionally light.

Fake crocs do not have all these attributes because they are made of plastic materials. You will not be as comfortable in fake Crocs.

6. The Shoe Packaging

Original Crocs are usually packed in a top-quality, branded box with the shoe’s size, color, barcode, and model information written on the side. All original Crocs come with a barcode tag and product details. You can check the barcode and match it with the one on the Crocs website.

Whether you buy your Crocs from Crocs’ official website or an authorized retailer, the packaging will come with the tag and product information. The product always comes in a branded transparent bag, so you can also use this to spot fake Crocs.

7. Check The Shape

Original Crocs always come in a circular shape that you can quickly recognize. Fake crocs have no circular top but a square top. This is a perfect way to spot fake crocs. While some fake crocs have ankle straps, some have no ankle straps. If there is no ankle strap, it is fake.

8. Lettering Of Crocs

Check the lettering on the Crocs. Original Crocs usually come with the brand’s name written in small letters. There is no capital letter. If your Crocs are written in mixed lettering, including upper and lower case, they are most likely fake.

9. Branded Hanger

Crocs with hanger

The original Crocs shoes are always sold with a hanger with the Crocs logo. If your Crocs do not come with this hanger, it is most likely a fake one.

10. Color

All the colors in which crocs are available are listed on crocs’ official website. If you cannot find the color of your crocs on the crocs’ official website(crocs.com), it means that the croc is fake.

11. Crocs Circulation Nubs

This can be difficult to check because, like the leaf veins on the outsole, both original and fake Crocs have circulation nubs. However, the original Crocs circulation nubs are comfortable and soft. The circulation nubs in fake Crocs are hard and not as comfortable as the circulation nubs of the original Crocs.

When buying Crocs shoes, make sure to buy from the Crocs website or certified retailers to avoid buying fake Crocs. Those who make fake Crocs are also trying to correct their mistakes, which is why you should always buy from a physical store or only from retailers that are authorized by Crocs to sell their shoes.

Crocs Serial Number Checker

Crocs serial number checker is a tool that helps you find out the authenticity of your Crocs footwear. It is a free tool that you can use to verify the authenticity of your Crocs shoes.

This tool will help you verify your Crocs shoe’s authenticity by checking its serial number. The site does not ask for personal information, and it will only require you to enter the first UPC number of the shoe. Once entered, it will tell you whether or not your Croc is authentic.

You can use Crocs’ official website to check for authenticity, or you can use barcodespider.com.

Where Are Crocs Made

Croc is an American brand of shoes. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. Croc is a popular brand of shoes. They are made in several countries. Crocs are made in the United States, Bosnia, Argentina, Romania, Indonesia, China, Herzegovina, and Vietnam.


How Can You Tell Fake Crocs?

There are a few ways to tell if your Crocs are fake. One way is to look at the logo on the shoe’s strap.

Another way to identify a fake Crocs is by looking at the shoe’s outsoles. If you see that the outsole lacks logos or sizing details, it is likely not authentic.

Is Made In China Crocs Original?

Yes, the original Crocs are produced in China, Vietnam, etc. Crocs are made in many countries worldwide, and the countries are listed on Crocs’ official website for everyone to see. It is a fake if your croc is not made in one of the specified countries.

What Are Fake Crocs Called Walmart?

There is no specific name for fake Crocs. Fake crocs are called fake crocs, rip-off crocs,, or knock-off crocs. Fake crocs can also be called different names as people wish.


What do fake Crocs look like? There are many ways to identify fake Crocs. We have mentioned 11 ways to sport fake crocs in this blog post. Checking for the logo is one of the best ways to know if a croc shoe is fake.

The most important thing is to buy your Crocs shoes from Croc’s official website or certified retailers. You should also look at the price of Crocs on the official website. If the price is lower than the original on the official website, do not buy it.

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