10 Things To Do If Your Doc Martens Are Too Big?

What To Do If Doc Martens Are Too Big

If your Doc Martens are too big, the first thing you should do is return them to the store where you purchased them. If the shoes don’t fit properly or aren’t comfortable enough for regular use, you can exchange them or get a refund. This could also be a choice if you’ve had problems with the shoes in the past and they weren’t fixed properly when you bought them.

Were they looking for what to do if Doc Martens were too big? When Doc Martens first came on the scene, they were the height of fashion, and everyone wanted a pair. They came in so many colors that it was almost impossible to choose one.

There are many solutions to the issue of your Doc Martens being too big. So, if you want to solve the problem of your Doc Martens being too big, continue reading this article for ten solid tips!

What To Do If Doc Martens Are Too Big

What To Do If Doc Martens Are Too Big?

The Doc Martens are classic shoes that often go with a classic look. It is hard not to love a pair of Docs because they are comfortable, versatile, and can be worn with nearly anything.

They are also popular with people who love to express their individuality through their clothes, shoes, and personal style. They are also exceptionally durable and can last for years, so they are a great shoe choice for people who love to wear their shoes.

However, mistakes happen. Sizing can become problematic, especially if you order Doc Martens shoes online. If you mistakenly ordered a Doc Martens shoe that is too big for you and you do not want to return it for one reason or another, there are ways you can make the shoe fit perfectly.

Here are some of the best ways to make your big Doc Martens fit you perfectly:

What To Do If Doc Martens Are Too Big
  1. Buy the right size
  2. Wear thick socks with your Docs
  3. Insert tissue paper
  4. Use a heel strip pad
  5. Get a shoe repairer to resize it for you
  6. Use full-length orthotics
  7. Use ¾ orthotics
  8. Use custom inserts
  9. Use tongue pads
  10. Check your feet with a podiatrist

1. Buy The Right Shoe Size

Buying the right size for Dr. Martens is essential to avoid the inconvenience of returning them. You should also know that buying a size that is too big for you is not good either. It will make you look sloppy, and it will make it uncomfortable when you step out in it.

The size of your shoes is a reflection of your personality. When shopping for shoes, we often buy the size that fits us best to show off our personality.

But when buying Doc Martens shoes online, finding the right size cannot be easy. This is because Doc Martens shoes are usually available in many different sizes, and it cannot be easy to know which one will fit you best. Many people buy shoes that are too big or too small for them, which can be frustrating and disappointing.

It is essential to know how to buy the right size so that you do not have any regrets after you buy your Dr. Martens. To do this, there are three things that you should keep in mind:

  1. One size does not fit all. When you visit a brick-and-mortar shop to test the shoe, it is easier to find a size that fits you well.
  2. If you buy your Doc Martens shoes online, measure your feet correctly before placing an order.

You might want to check the size chart below to know how to measure your feet.

What To Do If Doc Martens Are Too Big

Men’s Footwear Sizes

USAUKEURWomen’s USA Conversion

Women Footwear Sizes

USAUKEURMen’s USA Conversion

2. Wear Thick Socks With Your Doc Martens Shoe

When we wear shoes or boots, some of us love to wear thinner socks. When you wear your Doc Martens shoes that are bigger than your feet, they will be too loose. You can wear thick socks with your shoes to reduce the size.

If you wear thick socks with your big Doc Martens shoes, the shoes will be tighter and more comfortable. Since comfort is everything when it comes to wearing your Doc Martens, you want to ensure the shoe/boot fits snugly.

If you wear big shoes without thick socks, you may harm your feet because the shoe will not be comfortable. So, wear thick socks to cover the remaining space in your boot, and the shoe will fit perfectly.

3. Insert Tissue Paper

If you have a pair of Doc Martens that are too big, try putting tissue paper in front of the shoe to reduce its size. If you mistakenly ordered a Doc Martens shoe or boot too big for your feet, get some tissue paper and insert them in the shoe.

This will help reduce the space while making the shoe fit snugly on your feet. Since the tissue paper is soft, it will make your feet comfortable. Insert as much as you need to reduce the size of the shoe inside it, and you can enjoy a snugly fitting shoe.

4. Insert A Heel Strip Pad

This is an easy and cheap way to reduce the size of your Doc Martens shoes. All you need to do is insert a heel strip pad in your shoe, making it smaller. You can try a heel strip pad. It costs less than $8.

Inserting a heel strip pad in your big Doc Martens shoes can be done in less than 2 minutes, and you can also do it without any tools. Inserting a heel strip pad in your Doc Martens shoe will reduce the size of the shoe by about one size.

When you insert a heel strip pad into your big Doc Martens shoes, it will make the boots smaller, which means that they will fit better on your feet.

The heel strap pad is a simple yet effective solution for those with smaller feet who want to wear Doc Martens. It is easy to insert into the shoe, and you can remove it anytime.

What To Do If Doc Martens Are Too Big

5. Get A Cobbler To Resize The Shoe For You

A cobbler is a person who repairs shoes. They are shoe-making experts and can often reduce the shoe size for you.

They usually have a range of different tools to use, such as hammers, rasps, pincers, and other cutting instruments.

A cobbler will often be able to make some adjustments to the shoe so that it fits better on your foot. This might include widening or narrowing the width of the shoe or changing the heel height.

They can also fix any other problem with your shoes, such as loose laces or broken heels. This can be very useful if your shoes are too big or too small and you need them to fit better.

6. Use Full-Length Orthotics

Orthotics are devices inserted into shoes to provide support, stability, and alignment. They can be made of many materials, such as carbon fiber, foam rubber, or plastic.

Full-length orthotics are the most common type of Orthotic used to reduce your shoe size. They can also help with pain in your feet and ankles.

Orthotics are designed to reduce your shoe size to wear more comfortable shoes. Orthotics also help with many foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, and more.

You can also use them to support a weak arch or heel. So, when you buy one, you can easily insert it into your big Doc Martens, and it will fit snugly. You can try an orthotic; it is one of the best you can find on Amazon.

7. Use ¾ Orthotic

The ¾ Orthotic is a device that helps reduce the shoe’s size. It is an orthopedic solution for people who have bunions, hammer toes, and other common foot problems.

The ¾ Orthotic can be used on any footwear, reducing the amount of pressure put on the foot by making your shoes fit snugly on your feet.

The ¾ Orthotic will help you to walk more comfortably and reduce stress on your joints. The ¾ Orthotic is a type of Orthotic that can help you reduce the size of your shoe by a quarter inch.

This would be highly beneficial for those with high arches who need to reduce the size of their shoes. You can check this 34 orthotic out—it is one of the best you can find on Amazon.

8. Use Custom Inserts

You can try custom inserts if none of the above solutions have worked for you. The inserts are usually custom-made and work by filling the space in the shoe that is not occupied by your foot. This can help reduce your shoes’ size and provide extra comfort.

Inserts are a great way to reduce the shoe’s volume, making walking more comfortable and accessible. The inserts can be made from various materials, such as foam, rubber, or plastic.

There are many different types of inserts that you can use for this purpose. But you should consult your podiatrist for a suitable custom insert for you. Once you get the insert, insert it in your shoe and enjoy.

9. Use Tongue Pad

The tongue pad is a small, straightforward device that fits beneath your shoe tongue to reduce its size. This allows you to quickly push your shoes and get on your way!

This is an excellent product for people who need new shoes but can’t find any that fit their feet. The Tongue Pad will assist you in finding the perfect pair of shoes that will not hurt your feet. The Tongue Pad is made of a stretchy, breathable material that fits snugly under your shoe’s tongue.

It has a patented design that makes it simple to insert and remove. The tongue pad is located beneath the tongue and prevents the shoe from slipping off the foot. This helps to prevent painful blisters and relieves pressure on the heel, ankle, and toes. People with wide feet or those who have difficulty finding shoes that fit properly because they are too small or too big for their feet can benefit from this product. You could use a tongue pad.

10. Check Your Feet With A Podiatrist

If you have tried everything to get a Doc Martens shoe that fits you perfectly but with no result, you might want to visit your podiatrist. Some people have feet of different sizes. For instance, a foot is bigger or smaller than the second one.

This condition can make it challenging to get the right shoe that fits snugly. You might want to visit a podiatrist to find a solution to the problem so that you can start wearing shoes comfortably without complaints.

Is It OK If My Doc Martens Are A Little Big?

Typically, you can have a quarter of an inch of length between your toes. Usually, Doc Martens will stretch in the long run as you break them in. If your Dr. Martens are too tight, they are too small for you. It would help if you sized up to avoid hurting your feet.

Should I Buy Dr. Martens One Size Bigger?

Do not buy Dr. Martens one size too big. Doc Marten’s boots are true to size, and they are usually a little big. Though the sizes of Doc Martens may differ depending on the style, you should buy your proper size; if your size is in-between, size down by half.


If you are looking for what to do if Doc Martens are too big, then you are in the right place. Life is too short not to wear the right size of shoes. A good pair of boots can last you for years, so it is essential to take your time when finding the perfect fit.

There are many ways to make your big Doc Martens boots fit you snugly. Some of the easiest ways include buying the right size, wearing thicker socks with your DMs boots, using tongue pads, using heel pads, and, of course, asking a cobbler to reduce the size for you. 


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